Wednesday, December 26, 2012

3 months with Ezra

Dear Ezra

You were 3 months old a week ago and per usual with two kids and life this letter is a week late.  In the last month, you have grown so much and I can’t believe what a ‘big boy’ you are.  You are grabbing at things and love to feel different blankets, toys, etc.  You are holding your head up a little more these days and don’t hate tummy time quite as much as you used to…although you’re still not a big fan.   I’d say you weigh over 15lbs now and you’re belly is quite the sight.  Your 3 month onesies are getting tight quick and your 6 month sleepers are snug in the belly.  Although you still love to be held, when you are not sleepy or hungry, you are SUCH a happy baby.   You smile all the time and I’ve finally been able to catch a few on camera.  You still love to coo and talk and prefer faces over your swing or facing outward, etc.  You’ve started to smile at Gage when he talks to you- something that makes you slightly more interesting to him.  You’ve become a pretty good sleeper at night and usually go down after your 10pm feeding- sometimes you wake up once and others not at all until 5am.  Thankfully when you do wake up to eat, you eat and go right back to sleep without a fuss.  In fact, some nights you sleep better than your brother.  We need to get you in to bed a little earlier, after your 730pm-8pm feeding to start to get you on a bit of a schedule.  You’ll be moving into your bedroom this weekend so we’ll see you how you like that.  You’ll definitely like the space, but not sure you’ll like to be in the room alone.  However you did get a projector and a crib soother that will help you adapt to your new room.  Mommy still hasn’t made the letters for your nursery, isn’t that awful?  Life is crazy with two kids, I’m sure you’ll hear that again before it’s all over.  Your favorite things right now aside from being held, are your bouncer (just about the only place you don’t fuss), your play mat, your butterfly toy and the new Taggie blanket Santa brought you. 

You have started to drool like your brother and put everything you can get your chubby little fingers on in your mouth.  That’s something we’re not used to, so it’s going to be a challenge for us.  In the last month, Mommy has had to go back to work, but lucky for you, you’ve gotten to stay home and hang with Daddy.  But now, you must start school next week and we’re hoping it won’t be too bad of an adjustment for you.  You got professional pictures taken and unlike your brother, you did great and we were able to get some really nice shots of you.  Good thing, since we have ZERO pictures of you in our house right now.  Hundreds on the computers and our phones, but none in print.  Something else Mommy needs to work on this month.  You also got to meet your Grandma Sandi and Grandpa Steve and hang with them for a few days.  You got some one on one time with Grandma when we took Gage to see the Christmas parade.  You got to visit Santa twice and although not in your 3rd month, but since I wrote the last letter, you’ve had your 1st Christmas, got to meet all of your extended family and got to spend a few days at Nana and Grandiddy’s house.   

As far as milestones, next to smiling more often and grabbing things you are thisclose to rolling over.  Your brother rolled over at 3.5 months, so you’re well on your way to matching his accomplishment.  I love this time and the fact that you’re slightly less cranky than you used to be.  You are growing so much every day and I can’t wait to see you change and develop in the next month.  It’s crazy how much you learn every day.  Although Gage still only talks to you every now and then, he’s starting to be more comfortable around you and more interested.  I can’t wait til you’re crawling and laughing at him (very close)- he’s going to think you’re the coolest thing since sliced bread.  Ezra, I love you more every day and am so lucky to be the Mommy of two sweet boys.  Until next month…. 

Love Mommy

Friday, December 14, 2012

I'm back...kinda

I haven't blogged in over 3 weeks.  That's crazy to me.  Notice how my blogging stopped when I went back to work.  I am just crazy busy.  It's really nuts what one job, two kids and Christmas time can do to your free time.  I had tons to blog about, I even have half a post about Gage's 3rd birthday that I never had time to finish.  But 3 weeks later, I'm thinking instead of playing catch up I'll just resume my normal blogging (hopefully) when I find the time, which I'm not sure when that'll be.  I haven't even done WW the last few weeks....argh!  I have been reading blogs in my spare time (ie when I'm pumping at work) but that's about as far as I can get back in the blogosphere.

Let's see, to catch up....Luke and I never got the stomach flu that Gage had on Thanksgiving, thank God.  We just got our birth announcements ordered about a week before our Xmas cards (that have still not been mailed out).  We got professional pictures taken the 1st weekend of December, in which Gage was incredible naughty for, but such is life.  We have almost all of our Xmas shopping done, which is close to amazing.  I had a birthday this week and we got to go out last night to dinner.  Those are the highlights of the last few weeks, but my God, I had no idea how much time I wouldn't  have when I returned to work.  Now I get home close to 430pm every day and have 2-3 hours with  my  kids before we have to put them to bed.  And most of that time is taken up with eating, bathing and bedtime.  Sometimes I wonder how anyone does it all.  Then I remember that most people probably don't.  And that it will get easier as Ezra gets older and doesn't have to eat all the time and isn't fussy all.the.time.  Some days I feel like I'm crazy and some days I feel like we've had a productive day.  But OMG, I can't imagine January when both boys are going to school.  That'll take some getting used to to I'm sure.  Anyway for now, that's my update- I think I just needed to post once and hopefully I'll get back into the habit....once you get out of the groove it's hard to get back in.

Please pray for the families in Connecticut today.  I can't even fathom it...

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