Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wordless Wednesday- The Bumbo

Yep, that's my 3 year old in a Bumbo.  And no, it's not crushing his legs, he's just being silly

Monday, January 28, 2013

4 month well check

Thursday I took Ezra for his 4 month well check.  I was dreading this appointment given the events of the last 2 weeks and his newfound probable food allergy.  I'm not quite sure why, I mean I knew that the doctor wasn't going to tell me that day what he was allergic to or tell me to stop breastfeeding, but she was very positive and didn't seem overly concerned so it made me feel a ton better.  See, this time around I have been keeping up with pumping and Ezra's been gaining lots of weight and so I felt we were in a good place. Then last week, BAM, just like that he starts to break out when eating and only when eating and almost the minute the milk touches his tongue.

I have been keeping a food journal for the last week to try and pinpoint anything that might be the culprit, but to no avail.  Most of what I have read states that the only major thing that he'd get throubh breast milk would be a milk protein allergy, but the dr. says that's not likely.  He should've been allergic from the start and having tummy troubles, too.  She referred me to an allergist to get in to see in the next couple of weeks, so we'll see and I'll keep you posted.  In other news, Ezra weighs at 4 months almost what Gage weighed at 6.  He is a hefty 15lbs, 10oz. (80%ile) and 26'' (60%ile).  Another milk protein allergy side effect is low weight gain...hmmm...not here. 

A large part of what we discussed you can imagine was about his allergy.... to something.  We also discussed eating, sleeping and pooping, the same old stuff.  She said his neck control was great for his age, although Gage's seemed much better and poor Ezzy had to get several shots.  He hardly cried though so it wasn't too terribly bad.  However, the next day he did have a nasty knot from the Dtap!  She said he wasn't sleeping as much as he should be, which we know.  All in all, I guess not a bad appt.  I'm just anticipating what will come in the next few months with the allergist.  For now, we aren't starting any solid foods until we figure out what he's allergic to, so it's all me until then.  Luckily, as I said, I'm keeping up with pumping and being productive.  I started this post the day I got back from the doctor and seemed to have much more to, not so much.  Keep you posted....

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Project 52: Week 4

I almost did it!  I have pictures this week from 6 out of 7 of my days.  One reason I couldn't commit to a Project 365 and another is who has time to post pictures EVERY day, I can barely get to it once a week.  Anyway, enjoy!  Linking up with Living Like the Kings.


4 months old

Cousin Amber

Food Allergies




Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Happy 2nd Birthday Addison!

Today I want to wish Addison over at Living Like the Kings a very Happy 2nd birthday.  I've been reading her Momma's blog before she existed and it's still something I like to read every day.  Kat has always been awesome at having a variety of post content as well as posting just about every single day which is something I have no idea how anyone has the time for.  She is currently pregnant with her 2nd daughter and if she can keep this blogging thing up after having 2 kids, I'll be convinced she is a Super Mom.  Head on over, check out Kat's blog, and wish Addison a Happy Day!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Project 52: Week 3

Well Week 3 has come and gone and I only have pictures from 5 days.  I think I'm slacking a bit, but even getting this post up in an accomplishment.  Here's what we were up to this week.  Linking up with Living Like the Kings.

New Hat

All Smiles


Gooey Hearts
Birthday Party

Reading with Daddy


Saturday, January 19, 2013

4 months!

Dear Ezra

You are 4 months old today and I can’t believe this letter is actually on time.  I feel like I have so little time these days spending time doing anything extra than taking care of you and your brother.  Unfortunately, now that you’re in school, each day seems like the day before and we have a pretty set and uneventful routine during the week.  So far, it seems you have adjusted to school well and the teachers all love you.  They say you’re such a happy baby.  I think you’re still driving them a little crazy with your 3 catnaps a day, but they say when you’re awake and not poopy that you have such a good disposition.  This is mostly true with us as well, although you still have your fussy moments.  Since you are only catnapping at school though, it does make Mommy a little sad that when you get home in the evenings all you want to do is sleep and are only up for an hour or two.  I remember the same thing with Gage and I know that you’ll grow out of it soon enough and establish a better schedule.  You have almost created your own eating/napping schedule although we’re still working out the kinks.  I mentioned in your last letter that you’d be moving to your new room at the beginning of the month…..hmmm, yeah that didn’t happen.  You’re still with Mommy and Daddy and we wouldn’t have it any other way.  I don’t know why this time it’s so hard for me to get you out of my room. I think part of it is that when you protest we’re scared you’re going to wake up Gage and you never cry in the Pack n Play beside our bed.  The last few nights we have laid you down in your crib, so you’re gradually getting used to sleeping in there, too.  I’ll definitely miss the days though when you start to whimper and I can just roll over and slip the Nuk back in your mouth.  Ha...I distinctly remember a very similar blog post I wrote about Gage around this age.
You are still a good eater and have spaced out your feedings to about every 3 hours.  You are up once at night or sometimes not at all and eat every morning before heading to school.  You definitely are a chunker and it’s obvious you’re not starving.  However, this week at school you broke out into a rash while eating and then again tonight when I was feeding you.  We’re worried you’re allergic to something I’m eating and worried what the implications of that might be.  You go back to the dr. next week so we’ll discuss our game plan then and find out how much your chunky little belly weighs.  You still have your fussy nursing sessions and your fussy nights and now I wonder if it doesn’t have to do with something I’ve eaten not agreeing with you.  You’re currently giving your Daddy a hard time as we speak.

Your motor skills continue to impress me- last night you were opening the cover of a book and I really don’t remember Gage grabbing things quite the way you do at this age.  Of course like I said, everything you grab goes straight into your mouth.  You are not yet rolling over, although you’ve been very close since last month, nor are you sitting up.  Now, I know most 4 month olds don’t sit up, but Gage was definitely doing it at this age….I know, I know, every kid is different. 
Some of the more exciting moments of the last month are of course starting daycare, which you seem to be enjoying for the most part, your 1st New Year’s Eve and spending more time with Nana and Grandiddy.  In the next month, you can look forward to another dr’s apt and set of shots, your 1st live show, and your 1st Valentine’s Day.  Pretty uneventful now that the holidays are over and every day is pretty much the same.  Perhaps you should start rolling over or sitting up to make things more interesting!

Ezra, you are such a pleasure each and every day and although some nights we don’t know how to comfort you, your usual smiles and coos and almost laughs far than make up for it the next day.  Your favorite place to be is still in our arms with your Nuk cuddled close.  I love that you are a snuggler.  Here’s to another month!


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Monday, January 14, 2013

Happy 5th Birthday Rylie!

Blogs are crazy like that.  You feel like you watch kids grow up- kids you don't really know, but you feel like you do b/c you've read about just about every milestone and part of their lives.  I say it every year, but LeeAnn was one of my first bloggy friends who advised me when I got started and I've been reading about her kids and family ever since.  Today her 'little' girl, Rylie turns 5!  OMG, I'm pretty sure that she was like 2 when I 1st started reading her blog....crazy!  Anyway, today I'd like to wish Rylie a very Happy Birthday and I know her Mom will have an awesome birthday post to share.  Rylie is just about the most gorgeous little girl I've seen and I hope she has an awesome day.  Head on over to The Life of Rylie...and Bryce, Too! and wish her a good one.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Project 52: Week 2

Photos from six out of seven days again this week.  I'll consider that once again a victory. Linking up with Kat at Living Like the Kings.


My pantsless boys


Mommy's phone

70s child

Ezra's new chair

My balding baby

Monday, January 7, 2013

Project 52: Week 1

Ok, so it's Monday and I'm already a bit late on this post; however, I am determined.  I am determined to do a Project 52, plus I now I have some company.  Both the ladies at Living Like the Kings and the Paper Mama are both doing photo challenges that I could link up with.  I might change it up each week, sometimes I'll do my own, sometimes I'll try and link up w/ one or the other of them.  The Paper Mama has fun weekly photo goals by category, where Living Like the Kings just shows you her week in photos.  Plus both of these ladies have been known to link up to Scavenger Hunt Sunday, which I'm determined to do one of these days.  However, my photo goal this year is our life and my family, so I'll be focusing on taking more pictures of them and not other things.  Here is week 1:  Only missing one day, not bad I'd say.


Bath time



My music man

Saturday, January 5, 2013

2012- A Look back and A Look ahead

So here it is, the 1st day of January 2013 (when this post was started) and I realize that I have posted twice in the last month!  I can't even believe it myself, I'm not sure I have ever been a more pathetic blogger.  I am determined not to quit though and to pick up where I left off and forge ahead.  My life has been crazy lately, but at some point, things have to calm down again, right?

When thinking about 2013, I have big hopes and when thinking about it in a blogging sense, I have a few goals, I'm sure not ones that I will meet, but perhaps, at least strive for if I write them out.
a) 20 mins a day I will take the time to write, I mean really, 20 mins, I should be able to handle that.
b) 20 mins a day I will take the time to read- I would love for this to be a book- but for now I think blogs count.  I think I already meet this goal, as most of what I do when I nurse/pump is read
c)  I so wanted to take part in a Project 365 this year, but I knew it was an unreasonable goal on my part.  I wanted to make my very own blog that was just pictures of my beautiful family.  I did, in fact, even take a few today, however, I just know there's no way I'll be able to post pictures every day, I just don't have the time right now.  However, my goal is a Project 52 instead and that at least once a week I will post pictures from that week to show you how life is going in my neck of the woods and how my boys are growing at breakneck speed.

As far as 2012 is concerned, although cliche, one of my very favorite blog posts to read this time of year is a year in review.  I think it's so awesome to go back and recap an entire year and reflect, both for the reader and the writer.  Personally, I like to take this time to enjoy watching my family grow and to remember all the more significant moments in our lives.  Last year, I remember this posting taking me FOREVER as I linked up to several posts and copied several pictures over and I just don't see myself having that time this year.  Instead, I will review briefly month by month the highlights and when I have time (if ever) will go back and link up pictures.  I'm sure this won't be super exciting for the average individual to read, but this post is more for me and to recap what is important to us.  Now hold on, this is sure to take me a few days...(ha, so I started this process and have it written in print that this year I would by no means do what I did last year, but instead pick one significant event from each month or do pictures.  However, I really do like how last year's turned out...

Without further ado, January brought news of little Ezra, although I didn't share it with the blog until much later.  It also snowed the ONLY snow of 2012 for only a few hours.  I entered lots of photo challenges and Gage got a hand me down tool bench.

In February, it seemed there were lots of birthdays and I worked a lot.  Gage had his 1st real injury- chipping both his front teeth- and he had his 1st weekend with Nana WITHOUT Mommy and Daddy and we were childless for a few days.

In March, Gage read an entire book to himself, I told all of you guys I was pregnant and started my weekly updates, Gage started to tell us he loved us on a daily basis, we went to the St. Patrick's Day parade (which is one of Gage's favorite pastimes) and Gage's imagination started to run wild.

In April, I continued to grow, Gage had an awesome time at his 1st Easter Egg Hunt, he had his 1st lollipop and the O's started their best season in years.  We once again enjoyed Ticonderoga Farms, this time with friends and we enjoyed a nice, restful Spring Break.  All in all, pretty uneventful.

May, as usual, brought warmer weather and a trip to the Outer Banks.  I blogged 4 times total ALL month, one WW post, one birthday post, one letter to Gage and one quick update.  I spent most of my free time this month starting to study for the Praxis test AGAIN, that this time I failed by one point.  We found out we were having another BOY!

June, whew!  This is where my school year comes to an end each year and I get to be a stay at home Mom for a few months.  My favorite time of year.  I usually have time to blog a bit more but with studying this year I only blogged 6 times this month.  This month brought our annual trip to the OBX, a much needed break from studying, the actual Praxis test and Gage's fear of public potties.  Thank God that didn't last long.

July, usually my favorite month of the year.  A complete month off from my job.  However, this year, July was damn HOT and I was REALLY pregnant.  Gage and I had an awesome time, just the 2 of us, going to music class, chilling at the pool, hitting up the library and doing all kinds of SAHM stuff.  We also went to the 4th of July parade, that I might not brave again b/c of the heat.  I was super productive and blogged more than I have/had all year.  Gage moved into his big boy bed and I made letters for his room. (something I still haven't done for Ezra's)  Gage's potty training moved forward, I had time to enter some photo challenges and I reflected on Friday the 13th.  I actually had time to read a book and reviewed it!  Pretty sure it was the last book I read....I say, 6 months later.  We spent Luke's birthday at Dutch Wonderland, a place that was pretty much heaven to Gage and did a guest post on another blog, Great Expectations.  My belly continued to grow....

In August, we started to get ready to be parents of two.  I anticipated each day could be my last with Gage as my only child.  I started to get ready for going back to work for just a few weeks and had to make tons of sub plans.  We went back to the beach for our annual end of the summer trip and celebrated our 5th year anniversary in Baltimore/Annapolis.  The O's got DC excited again and I did a couple of reviews.  Gage and I reflected on our summer and I reached full term.

In September, I started back to school, but only for a few weeks when my sweet baby boy, Ezra made me a Mommy for the 2nd time.  This is when our lives changed forever as we knew it and everything has been a blur since then.  The O's were awesome!  and entertained me all night long the night I was in labor.  There were tons of birthdays and we finally got Gage's big boy room finished and Ezra's nursery started.  Sloane, our niece was born just one week after Ezra and I remembered things I had forgotten with Gage.

October brought changes and getting used to being a Mommy of 2.  I blogged a lot this month because I was at home on leave.  The O's went to the postseason and Ezra was hospitalized for a weekend.  We had a few follow up visits and all seemed to be well.  We went pumpkin picking, had a horrible late season hurricane and Gage had an awesome time trick or treating as Iron Man.  I celebrated 3 years at We're In For It (renamed We Asked For It).

In November, I went back to work :( and Luke got to stay home with Ezra. We celebrated Gage's 3rd birthday (which I never had time to blog about, because I went back to work).  President Obama took a 2nd term and I attempted 30 days of Thanks.  Gage officially became potty trained and I took both boys to the doctor together and lived to tell about it.  Ezra had his 1st OBX trip and celebrated his 1st Thanksgiving.

In December, 2012 came to a close and I blogged two times, that's right, count them TWO times.  I found life back at work and with 2 kids was a little crazier than I thought.  I had good intentions, it just never happened.  I celebrated my 32nd birthday and we spent the holidays at Nana and Grandiddy's house.  Ezra celebrated his 1st Christmas and New Year's Eve.  He outweighed Gage at the same age and one of the most unthinkable things happened at an elementary school in Connecticut.

That's it folks!  2012 in review.  Looking back, I realize it was a pretty uneventful year except for my pregnancy and the birth of Ezra.  We are very lucky to have the life we do and are blessed with two beautiful sons.  I'd love to spend the time to link up to all of my old posts, but I think I'm just going to post this for now.  I'd rather have it up, then not and I'll try to link it later if I have the time.  Goodbye's to 2013!  Hopefully another great year!

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