Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sippy Cup Success!

Yesterday, I had a little sippy cup breakthrough when Gage asked for his bottle, I gave him the sippy and called it a bottle.  This only worked for a few minutes but it was more milk than he drank EVER out of a cup so I wasn't going to complain. At any rate, I told Luke to give it a try again this am.  And I don't know how he did it, but Luke somehow convinced my sweet little baby to drink an entire 6 oz. out of his sippy!!!  woo hoo!  I doubt he'll drink more than just that 6 oz. a day, but hey it's a start, right??
Now we'll just see if I can get him to do the same tomorrow or if it was just luck....

Happy Saturday!

Friday, January 28, 2011


I warn you now that this post is just full of the mundane happenings of the last few days and probably not interesting to 99% of the population. 

I have been out of work for the last 3 days due to snow.  I teach at a high school and the kids had their midterms this week...and missed all but one of them!  I'm sure they couldn't be more thrilled.  However, now, of course they have been postponed 'til next week, oh well, I'll take a few more half days of school.  Anyway, there wasn't a ridiculous amount of snow (not like last year anyway)- about 7 ins., but w/ a county the size of ours we never go to school if it snows that much.  In any case, we've had a Winter Break around these parts.

Wednesday, although we didn't have school, I took Gage to his school.  I knew we would probably be out Thurs. and today and I wanted to get our money's worth.  We pay entirely too much for him to go only half time b/c he's sick or there's snow.... AND I actually was productive and worked out for the 1st time since March of 2009.  hah....I am sooo embarassed to say that, but it's true, I'll fess up.  The funny thing is that I've been going through my old posts to label them in case I ever want to find something and I think I mentioned like last March that I was going back to the gym soon.  Those women who actually do go back to working out only a few months after having a baby, you're more the woman that I am.  In any case, I'm happy that I got back on the workout wagon and hopefully I am there to stay.  I also took some Mommy time to get my nails done, but don't tell anyone. Anyway, Wednesday afternoon came and so did the ice.  If you haven't seen it on the National news, I'm surprised but that commute Wed. night was one of the worst ever in history in this area....which is already one of the worst areas EVER.  It took people 10-12 hours to go 20-30 miles and there were abandoned cars everywhere.  It really was the craziest thing ever.  Anyway, while some of our friends were on the treacherous roads going NOWHERE fast....we were at home praying the power didn't go out while we took care of our PUKING baby.  Yes, the stomach flu got us again....and it was bad.  Poor Gage got 2 baths w/in 20 mins. in the middle of the night.  He spent the rest of the night next to us in his Pack n Play and thank God didn't get sick again.  Lucky for him, the two times he's gotten it, it hasn't seemed to keep him under the weather for very long.  And 2 days later, he seems to be all back to normal.  It's been close to 48 hours and my stomach's been cramping all day.  It's so much fun to count down the hours to when I'll be hugging my toilet....sigh.  I can only hope for as quick a recovery as him.

Since Wednesday night, it's been pretty uneventful around here.  Gage and I have been sleeping when possible and I sanitized every last toy and book of his last night hoping for a reprieve. Today it snowed AGAIN so our plans to go out on the town were a little thrown off.  We spent the day inside and did a whole bunch of nothing.  And I spent the day, as always, trying to rack my brain to figure out what the heck I can feed my child that he will actually eat.  No veggies/meat is his motto.  He'll eat pretty much anything but that, but let's face it, they're both pretty important.
Also, this morning was his LAST bottle ever.  I can't believe I'm finally gonna do it, but tomorrow we rid ourselves of the bottles.  I'm going to feel so bad in the am when he asks for it, but just like everything else, we'll get over it and move on. I seriously doubt he'll ever drink milk again, but eh....I guess I'll get over that too.  AND I'll  keep you posted on the no bottle situation.  Don't worry though, no caving here, just a miserable baby probably.

That's all for now, hope you all have a fabulous weekend.  Oh and my kid is up to 25 words!  Too bad he can't walk!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wordless Wednesday....

woo hoo!  Chocolate chip pancakes for dinner!

And  our cute little friend Sawyer, that we haven't seen in a while...

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Big Boy Shoes!

Since Gage has recently started to stand and even take a few steps in the last day we went out on Sunday to buy him his 1st pair of big boy shoes!  We got a great deal at Stride Rite and I think they are the cutest teeniest shoes I have ever seen.  Stride Rite was our only option...turns out they don't make 'walking' shoes in size 4....I was told several places that was a 'pre-walker' size.  Good thing he didn't walk before 14 mos.....sheesh!  Anyway, we ended up buying 2 pairs of shoes b/c they were on sale and soo cute, one a half size bigger than the other so he'll grow into them.  Anyway, I took pictures of them, b/c they really do make my heart melt every time I see them.  They are soo cute and my baby is about to walk!  I'm not pleased with the picture, but you get the idea.  And yes!  They have the Very Hungry Catepillar on them!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

One More 1st...

I am proud to announce that at 14 months, our son has finally decided to stand!! woo hoo!  Stand when you put him down from holding him, stand on his own and more importantly stand from a seated position!!  yay!  I really don't think it will be long now!  I have a video I'll try to post later.  I know, not that cool to you guys whos kids have been standing forever, but for's a big deal!

Friday, January 21, 2011


So this morning was the big morning- Gage was getting his tubes put in.  We've been worried about it for the last 3 weeks, what if he's sick and they won't do it?  What if it doesn't make his ears better?  What if it's late in the afternoon and he has to STARVE until then? Well of course, it's over now and no worries.  Gage did wonderfully as I should have predicted since he is the best baby ever!

We were a little disappointed when they called yesterday to tell us that his appt. wasn't until 915am this morning.  I was totally stressed about starving him for that long.  He usually eats 3 times before 10am and he now asks for his bottle as soon as he gets up in the morning so I was dreading having to tell him no.  Anyway, we made the decision last night to give him whatever he wanted for dinner, which wasn't hard- we know the favorite menu:  grilled cheese, yogurt, oranges and a cookie.  We also, against our better judgment offered him a bottle before bed.  He drank about 3 oz.  Finally, Luke wanted to wake him up at 1am to give him his last bottle so maybe that would curb some of his hunger this morning. Whether our kid is just wonderful or our plan worked, he didn't ask this morning once for food and was a perfect angel playing here at home and in the surgery center before he went back.  The nurses raved about how good he did (I'm sure they  tell everyone that) but nonetheless, my stress disappeared about starving him and moved to the surgery. 

Luke went back with him, as I didn't want to see them put him under.  He came out quickly and said it was pretty sad and that I would have cried.  (Read:  Daddy almost cried.)   Doubtful, but I'm sure I would've been sad, too.  Anyway, about 15 mins. later the procedure was over.  Gage was fine until he saw me and then it was so sad to see him cry and jerk his head around b/c he was still disoriented.  It only took him a few minutes to calm down, but he was still pretty out of it.  By the time he got home, though he was crawling around and ready for a bottle.  He's napping now, but we have confidence that when he gets up he'll be back to his old self again.  Whew....hopefully the hard part is over and we'll be on the mend soon!  Thanks for your thoughts.

On another note, just Wednesday night Luke and I wondered why Gage still, at 14 mos. was refusing to walk with us when we held his hands.  I know some babies do this by like 9 mos. of age, but Gage has never been interested.  Just like that, last night Gage was running all over the place w/ us barely holding on.  It really did happen 'just like that'.  So now Gage is having a blast walking and is going sooo fast.  Is walking like riding a bike?  Can I just let go once he gets going? won't be long.  Happy Friday!

Here's my sweet baby in his hospital gown

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Stay tuned....

for the tale of a fasting 14 month old....

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Saturday, January 15, 2011

14 months (a day late)..

Dear Gage,

Yesterday you turned 14 months old and has been the trend lately, I didn't get to your letter until today.  Life with you these days is just so much busier than it used to be.  You are ALL over the place, or as much as you can be without walking yet.   You are constantly getting into mischief these days and I'm chasing you out of cabinets or away from stairs.  You absolutely LOVE your 'gooks' and are just now recently crawling into Mommy and Daddy's lap so that we can read to you.  I think you could sit there all day long.

We've had a rough go since your last letter with your health.  You've been on 4 antibiotics since your birthday for ear infections and you're supposed to be getting tubes in your ears on Friday, barring any cough/sniffles (which you currently have).  I am praying that what I hear about tubes is true and that you'll start to eat and sleep better.  Speaking of those things, I think you've probably slept a week in the last 2 months all the way through the night.  Where, oh where, has my perfect sleeper gone?  Your eating habits are sporadic and some days you like something and the next day you don't.  Some things you'll never turn down:  grilled cheese sandwiches, oranges, yogurt, Gerber lil meals and waffles.  I guess none of those things are TOO bad for you, but can we get a little variety?  You don't eat many veggies and I'm still trying to come up w/ ways to sneak them in.  At least the Gerber meals have a good serving.  We are still fighting the sippy cup/bottle fight, but you only get one bottle a day.  In a few weeks, I'm going to pull that one as well.  We are making some headway on the milk out of a sippy but I'd say max is 3oz. a day.  We're still chugging along though...

Probably b/c you're a picky eater and won't drink milk you haven't gained one oz. since your year appt.  I'm getting a little only have a month to beef up.  Needless to say, you still wear 12 mo. clothes, some of which are still big on you. You also have a month to start walking.  Those 2 things will be at the top of the list at your 15 mo. appt.  We aren't worried so much about your walking though since you are SO verbal.  You have close to 20 words and it seems you learn a new one every day.  It's crazy the things you can repeat.  You also only have 4 teeth.

Some of your favorite toys these days are your books, of course, your Little People farmhouse, your dinosaur walker, your tunnel (still), your guitar, your pianos (you'll never turn down a piano), your workbench and your Fridge Farm.  Pretty much everything you got for your bday or Christmas.  You still love a good song and have learned some new dance moves lately that are pretty hilarious.

You are losing all your friends at daycare (they're all moving up to the toddler rooms) and I'm sad that you won't enjoy every day as much.  I'm also afraid the teachers won't have as much time for you, w/ all the brand new babies.  Hopefully you'll start walking in 2 months, so you can catch up w/ them before long. 

Gage, we can't describe how much joy you bring to our lives every day.  I can't wait to pick you up at the end of every day to see what new things you have learned.  You never cease to amaze me with your vocabulary and we'll just hang in there until you decide you want to walk (or stand).  I pray that you will start to feel better once your tubes get put in.  I hate to see you grumpy and there's been quite a few days in the last few months.  You are such a trooper though and I can imagine that you are in more pain than we know.  We know when something is a little off, but you still try to be our sweet little boy each and every day.  We thank God for you often and can't wait to see what the upcoming months bring.  I'm sure there will be so much more to write about by March!

Love, Babu

Gage giving Scout a hug

Friday, January 14, 2011

Happy Birthday Rylie!

I feel like I haven't done a birthday post in a while. Unfortunately life got/gets crazy and that's just what happens, I haven't really done posts of any kind. Anyway, when I first began blogging I got a lot of advice from LeeAnn over at The Life of Rylie... and Bryce too and she helped me to get up and running and learn the ins and outs of blogging. Of course, I will never be the blogger she is (I don't know how she does all of it) but perhaps one day I will come close. Today is her little girl, Rylie's, 4th birthday- please head on over to her blog and wish her the best day ever! I'm sure she'll have lots of awesome pictures to share.

Gage also turns 14 months (wow) today! Letter to come.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday, Monday....

It seems I have been a delinquent blogger since I haven't posted anything since last Wednesday.  I didn't realize it had been so long.  I've been reading blogs and I added Gage's vocab list to my sidebar, so I felt like I had been blogging. Ah well....let's see, what's new?

Gage will be getting tubes put in his ears on Friday the 21st. We are looking forward to this hoping it will make him feel better, eat better and maybe even balance better.  Gage has had fluid on his ears for probably close to 3 weeks now, but w/o an infection there's not much they can do.  He had fluid last Monday when we went to the ENT and I figured it would be an infection by week's end.  But Gage went for his pre-op on Friday and still fluid, but no infection.  Gage has been sleeping through the night the last couple of days, so maybe they are not bothering him as much as I thought.  Also when Gage went to the dr. on Friday, he weighed in at 4 oz. lighter than 6 weeks ago. That worries me a little--he has been sick, but I feel like he's been eating ok as well.  Some days are better than others, but I've read that's typical of a child his age.  I guess we'll see what they say at his 15 mo. appt. next month. 

It seems I know so many babies lately that have gotten/are going to get tubes.  And it seems that Gage happens to be one of the  happier ones.  For the most part, his infections don't seem to have bothered him too much.  However, after the tubes, who knows what difference we will see.  We are so thankful that his infections haven't delayed his speech, he definitely has that going for him.  I have some cute pictures to post soon, but maybe I'll wait 'til Wednesday.  Here's hoping to see a little snow tomorrow night.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wordless Wednesday- Videos

I guess not so wordless after all, but here are a few videos of Gage taken w/ our new Flip we got for Xmas. They're not very good but you can hear him clearly call me Babu when he sees  my picture and try to say Touchdown, which he does every time he sees a VT symbol.  And after posting these, I see how crappy they look.  This is not representative of the Flip, I think it's b/c it's an HD.  Although disappointing, b/c I was excited about how good they came out.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

"Safe Haven"

*Disclaimer:  If you are interested in reading this book and don't want to know the end (because I will ruin it), please stop reading now.

In a deviation from the norm, I thought I would post about the most recent book I read.  I know, I know, how predictable that I read Nicholas Sparks, but it is what it is.  Although I enjoy reading, I'm a slow reader. and don't like to think too much while I'm reading.  Therefore, I like to read things I don't have to think hard about and that don't challenge me too much.  And I'm ok with that. 

In saying this, Nicholas Sparks is my favorite author and if you've read his books, you'd know why (based on what I've said above.)  I have loved just about every one of his books and with the exception of The Last Song that was written for a screen play anyway.  In my opinion, they were increasingly getting better so when I saw this book was coming out in the Fall, I preordered it way back mid-Summer.  With a kid and all I didn't get a chance to read it until recently.  I had started it, put it off, read here and there, etc. but over Christmas Break I was determined to finish the book.  I read alot while I was on vacation and really got into the thick of the book.  I was so excited to finish the book and see how it ended and ended up staying up way too late one night when I knew Gage would have me up way too early.

I was SO disappointed!!  I mean, are you kidding me??   It was like a Sixth Sense theme.  She made up the neighbor???  She didn't exist?  I mean, I guess it makes sense when you look at the wine glass, etc. but I'm not really into 'fantasy' per se or just unrealistic stories and then it was supposed to be his late wife??  Maybe a figment of her imagination but not the dead wife....c'mon!  I dunno, I was just kinda bummed.  I should've written this right away when I finished reading it, I was mad for a good 2 days!  The story line was also a bit slower than some of his other books.  Usually I can pick up a book of his and not want to put it down, it wasn't until 2/3rds into this one that I felt that way.  I'm hoping this won't be the end of my love affair with Nicholas Sparks and that his next book will leave me with the warm fuzzy feelings that his others did. 

And if you're interested and haven't read any of his books and like relaxing books that don't make you think too much, I highly recommend "The Guardian" and "The Choice".  They are my favorite!

Any recommendations of similar books you've read?  Anyone else read this book?
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