Friday, January 28, 2011


I warn you now that this post is just full of the mundane happenings of the last few days and probably not interesting to 99% of the population. 

I have been out of work for the last 3 days due to snow.  I teach at a high school and the kids had their midterms this week...and missed all but one of them!  I'm sure they couldn't be more thrilled.  However, now, of course they have been postponed 'til next week, oh well, I'll take a few more half days of school.  Anyway, there wasn't a ridiculous amount of snow (not like last year anyway)- about 7 ins., but w/ a county the size of ours we never go to school if it snows that much.  In any case, we've had a Winter Break around these parts.

Wednesday, although we didn't have school, I took Gage to his school.  I knew we would probably be out Thurs. and today and I wanted to get our money's worth.  We pay entirely too much for him to go only half time b/c he's sick or there's snow.... AND I actually was productive and worked out for the 1st time since March of 2009.  hah....I am sooo embarassed to say that, but it's true, I'll fess up.  The funny thing is that I've been going through my old posts to label them in case I ever want to find something and I think I mentioned like last March that I was going back to the gym soon.  Those women who actually do go back to working out only a few months after having a baby, you're more the woman that I am.  In any case, I'm happy that I got back on the workout wagon and hopefully I am there to stay.  I also took some Mommy time to get my nails done, but don't tell anyone. Anyway, Wednesday afternoon came and so did the ice.  If you haven't seen it on the National news, I'm surprised but that commute Wed. night was one of the worst ever in history in this area....which is already one of the worst areas EVER.  It took people 10-12 hours to go 20-30 miles and there were abandoned cars everywhere.  It really was the craziest thing ever.  Anyway, while some of our friends were on the treacherous roads going NOWHERE fast....we were at home praying the power didn't go out while we took care of our PUKING baby.  Yes, the stomach flu got us again....and it was bad.  Poor Gage got 2 baths w/in 20 mins. in the middle of the night.  He spent the rest of the night next to us in his Pack n Play and thank God didn't get sick again.  Lucky for him, the two times he's gotten it, it hasn't seemed to keep him under the weather for very long.  And 2 days later, he seems to be all back to normal.  It's been close to 48 hours and my stomach's been cramping all day.  It's so much fun to count down the hours to when I'll be hugging my toilet....sigh.  I can only hope for as quick a recovery as him.

Since Wednesday night, it's been pretty uneventful around here.  Gage and I have been sleeping when possible and I sanitized every last toy and book of his last night hoping for a reprieve. Today it snowed AGAIN so our plans to go out on the town were a little thrown off.  We spent the day inside and did a whole bunch of nothing.  And I spent the day, as always, trying to rack my brain to figure out what the heck I can feed my child that he will actually eat.  No veggies/meat is his motto.  He'll eat pretty much anything but that, but let's face it, they're both pretty important.
Also, this morning was his LAST bottle ever.  I can't believe I'm finally gonna do it, but tomorrow we rid ourselves of the bottles.  I'm going to feel so bad in the am when he asks for it, but just like everything else, we'll get over it and move on. I seriously doubt he'll ever drink milk again, but eh....I guess I'll get over that too.  AND I'll  keep you posted on the no bottle situation.  Don't worry though, no caving here, just a miserable baby probably.

That's all for now, hope you all have a fabulous weekend.  Oh and my kid is up to 25 words!  Too bad he can't walk!

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