Saturday, February 12, 2011

You Know You're a Mom When....

  • you are super excited about your new exercise regimen.....courtesy of Billy Blanks on Exercise TV (that you fit in twice a week, after 7pm, if you are lucky)

  • your purse must be large enough to fit a sippy cup, diapers, wipes, a baby toy and some snacks (ICE)

  • the songs that run through your head on a daily basis while at work are 'Itsy Bitsy Spider' and  'Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star', instead of Taylor Swift's 'Back to December'.

  • sleeping in 'til 830am IS sleeping in

  • you can't sleep without the melodic static of the baby monitor buzzing in your ear

  • you have never cared more that your bathtub and floors are sparkling clean

  • you never thought it was possible to love someone so much and to be truly amazed every day
When I saw Kat's post at Living Like the Kings, I thought it was a really cute idea and couldn't wait to make my own list.  However, as always, time got away from me and I'm struggling to get this up this morning.  No pictures makes for a blah post, but nonetheless I wanted to link up w/ her, b/c I think we can all definitely relate to this.  Let me know if you make your own post about 'You Know You're a Mom when...."

Oh, I forgot one....You Know You're a Mom have NO time to blog!


lovinangels said...

My floors are NEVER clean enough! LOL stopped by on relax and surf Sunday!

The Rheinlander's said...

Ditto to loving Angels... I have 3 dogs and the floors need to be cleaned constantly!! Stopping in from Relax & Surf!

Susana said...

Yup that's a Mom! follower from Sunday hop...would love a follow back :)


Kat said...

Did you link up?? I think I missed this one! BTW, I have been trying really hard to add exercise back in to my life and it is so hard! I've been able to fit in 2 40 minutes walks on my treadmill (I still ran up to check on her twice even though I have an audio and a video monitor!) I might have to check out the On Demand workouts instead!

Coley said...

I love this!

Anyway, I'm your newest follower from the Sunday blog hop.

Coley - Dizzy Mommy Chronicles

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