Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tuesday, already??

Yes, folks it is already Tuesday.  We had a wonderful weekend at the beach.  A little windy, but who are we to complain having temps of 60 in February?!?!  Yesterday, we spent most of the day in the car....sucks, but I guess that's the price you pay for driving down to the beach, almost 6 hours away.  I feel bad b/c I'm sure Gage gets pretty darn bored in the car.  I mean, he's still facing backwards and a kid can only nap but so much.  He has a few toys, but even they get boring after a while.  We put on a few kids' songs CD's yesterday that he seemed to enjoy.  He actually did pretty well, considering.

Then last night, after our 60's-at-the-beach weekend, it snowed!  Not too much, but enough ice and 'wintry mix' to once again cancel school for the day.  The kids are loving it around here!  A 4 day weekend and a 3 day week!  I actually had quite a bit of 'school work' to do myself, so I took Gage to school to see his friends and sat down and knocked it all out within a few hours.  I'm seriously considering getting my toes done too, since the nice weather is upon us and Mom and I could find NOWHERE on a Sunday in Feb. at the beach to do our nails!  The rest of our week should be pretty easy.  We have a normal day tomorrow, but Thurs. I have training so Gage and I will get to sleep in a little, Sawyer is coming over for a playdate Thurs. afternoon and then it's Friday again!!  Gotta love this time of year.  We didn't take too many, but I'll try to get pictures up soon from our weekend at the beach.  Enjoy!

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