Friday, January 21, 2011


So this morning was the big morning- Gage was getting his tubes put in.  We've been worried about it for the last 3 weeks, what if he's sick and they won't do it?  What if it doesn't make his ears better?  What if it's late in the afternoon and he has to STARVE until then? Well of course, it's over now and no worries.  Gage did wonderfully as I should have predicted since he is the best baby ever!

We were a little disappointed when they called yesterday to tell us that his appt. wasn't until 915am this morning.  I was totally stressed about starving him for that long.  He usually eats 3 times before 10am and he now asks for his bottle as soon as he gets up in the morning so I was dreading having to tell him no.  Anyway, we made the decision last night to give him whatever he wanted for dinner, which wasn't hard- we know the favorite menu:  grilled cheese, yogurt, oranges and a cookie.  We also, against our better judgment offered him a bottle before bed.  He drank about 3 oz.  Finally, Luke wanted to wake him up at 1am to give him his last bottle so maybe that would curb some of his hunger this morning. Whether our kid is just wonderful or our plan worked, he didn't ask this morning once for food and was a perfect angel playing here at home and in the surgery center before he went back.  The nurses raved about how good he did (I'm sure they  tell everyone that) but nonetheless, my stress disappeared about starving him and moved to the surgery. 

Luke went back with him, as I didn't want to see them put him under.  He came out quickly and said it was pretty sad and that I would have cried.  (Read:  Daddy almost cried.)   Doubtful, but I'm sure I would've been sad, too.  Anyway, about 15 mins. later the procedure was over.  Gage was fine until he saw me and then it was so sad to see him cry and jerk his head around b/c he was still disoriented.  It only took him a few minutes to calm down, but he was still pretty out of it.  By the time he got home, though he was crawling around and ready for a bottle.  He's napping now, but we have confidence that when he gets up he'll be back to his old self again.  Whew....hopefully the hard part is over and we'll be on the mend soon!  Thanks for your thoughts.

On another note, just Wednesday night Luke and I wondered why Gage still, at 14 mos. was refusing to walk with us when we held his hands.  I know some babies do this by like 9 mos. of age, but Gage has never been interested.  Just like that, last night Gage was running all over the place w/ us barely holding on.  It really did happen 'just like that'.  So now Gage is having a blast walking and is going sooo fast.  Is walking like riding a bike?  Can I just let go once he gets going? won't be long.  Happy Friday!

Here's my sweet baby in his hospital gown


Brittany said...

awwwe...this almost even had me crying! good job being strong. i can't imagine how tough it must have been to see him coming out of surgery. so cool that he's walking!!

Jennifer said...

Alana had to get general anesthesia last year to get dental work done and my biggest concern was starving her. Then my mother-in-law had to mention how hungry she must be!

Glad he's doing okay and everything is going good!

Heavenly Savings said...

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~Jamie Kubeczka~ said...

I am so glad to hear he is okay and everything went well. I thought about you that day. It was a hard one for me too, but we made it!

Writer said...

I hope it is all going well for you. I came from a blog hop and now I am now following you! Have a great week.

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