Saturday, March 30, 2013

Dear Ezra- 6 months

Dear Ezra

You were 6 months old 9 days ago and I haven't even had the chance to write you this letter.  I'd been doing alright the last few months, but see my brand new computer blew up and I had not a thing to write you a letter on.  Not to mention that even though it works now, I don't even have a program I can word process on.....awesome.  Well, enough about that, since that's not the important stuff.  The important stuff is that my youngest son is one HALF a year old and I cannot believe it.  Time is rushing by and I feel like I'm missing you grow.  Then again, looking at the last month, it seems you have changed so much and some days time stands still.  At 6 months old, you are such a happy kid.  You smile all the time and have only been fussy the last few days since you've had an earache.  I also think that the antibiotic they gave you makes your tummy hurt.  In any case, you weigh 16lbs and 13 oz. (30%ile), 1 lb more than your brother did at this age.  You are 27 ins long (65%ile), 1 inch longer than Gage was.  People always joke that you'll outweigh him some day since the difference in your weights is only 10lbs.  I will say that your getting too heavy for your bucket and Mama is really struggling to carry you around these days. 

I hate to say it but it seems I'm going to have another picky eater on my hands.  You haven't been a big fan of solids from the beginning and you're not doing too much better these days.  Right now you only eat one meal a day but this weekend you'll be starting two.  Hopefully you'll learn and get better and more efficient at eating.  You are still a fussy nurser and rarely eat more than 10 mins. at a time.  You have 6 oz. bottles at day care and they are asking for more.  I'm not sure if you are more hungry or if they just don't know how to deal with your fussiness, either way, I tend to think that 6 oz. is plenty.  You are wearing mostly 6 month clothing, but can wear 9 months in one piece outfits and most of your 6 month pants are getting too small.  You have a FAT belly.  Although you've been sleeping well at night for a while now a recent ear infection has thrown you off and we're in the middle of sleep training you again. (Yay!  You're up again for the 2nd time tonight and it's only 920pm).  You still HATE to nap and take about 3 half hour naps a day.....which is totally frustrating.  Before we went on vacation last week, you were going to bed between 6-7pm and sleeping 'til 4am or 5am.  I was hoping that by now we'd be completely done with night feedings, but that doesn't seem to be the case.  Better luck next month. 

Your absolute favorite activity right now is watching Gage- your eyes follow him everywhere and you are super interested in everything he does.  I can't wait for you to be able to interact with him so he'll know how much you idolize him.  Your other favorite pastime is chewing on anything that comes within a foot of your face.  You chew on my face, on your high chair strap,  your toes, or whatever you can find.  You are slowing learning to sit up and can sit up for a few seconds at a time.  You sat up long enough today for the photographer to get some shots for your 6 month photos.  You enjoy sitting in your Exersaucer and chewing on all of the attachments.  You prefer to play on your belly and like Gage's old electronic book and piano.  It's pretty sad, but you don't have any favorite toys yet and you're not a big fan of books.  All you want to do with a book is eat it.  I'm afraid you'll never have the love for books that your brother does.  It is still difficult to make you laugh but playing peek a boo has recently done the trick.  I can also make growling noises at you and you giggle, which we LOVE to hear.

In the last month, I feel like you've experienced many things....maybe I'm just the one who has been busy, but you have gotten to meet much of your extended family, including your Uncle B, who is in town this weekend to visit. Ezzy Bean, we love you to pieces! Happy HALF year, little man!

Love, Mommy

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Bad News...

So as I promised almost 2 weeks ago, I got nothing.  My brand new 3 month old computer blew up a few weeks back and I lost EVERYTHING.  The very special part about that is that I didn't back up this new computer like I did my old one.  I mean, why would I, it was 3 months old?  Why would I think I needed to do such a thing?  Therefore, I have lost all of my pictures from Nov- Jan, the pictures of my baby's 1st Thanksgiving and Xmas.  Forever gone is all of my 'month' pictures with the onesie stickers.  And since we never got around to it, we printed out NONE of those pictures and I blogged next to not at all during those months, so I'm pretty much hosed.  I guess I could be pissed/sad/livid at Sony for making such a POS computer and that now I have to edit all 400+ pictures all over again....did I mention I lost my editing program too??, but I guess instead, I'll just choose to pretend like it didn't happen and move on.  If I can't figure out how to edit these pictures soon, I'll just skip the week in pictures that I missed.  It was bound to happen at some point anyway.  I have to see how far behind I am.  I haven't even written a letter to Ezra and he was 6 months old 9 days ago.  I guess I'll start there, then try to do at least one week in pictures, then update you on whatever else has been going on around here.  I know we did two birthday parties in one weekend and my brother's been in town from CA.  Other than that, I've completely lost track of where I was and quite frankly just don't have the energy to catch up.  I might just have to start over......again. 

Monday, March 18, 2013

Stay Tuned...

This weekend was the weekend of birthday parties around these parts!  We had a ton of fun, but no pics to share.  Our brand new computer that we purchased in November has taken a crap....awesome!  The luck we have.  Anyway, I have a week in pictures to show you, Ezra's 6 month post, some birthday parties and a great Spring Break week coming up....but you'll have to stay tuned until we're back up and running and I can download the pictures.  Happy Snow Day!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Happy Birthday Mason!

I want to take a minute to wish Mason over at Adventures of a Wee Mason Man (and his family) a very Happy 3rd Birthday!  I've been following and watching Mason grow since right after he was born.  His Mom always has a great variety of posts and I can't wait to see what she'll post next.  I love to see pictures of Mason as he grows and hear about their adventures in WI.  I can't wait to see what birthday theme she decided on.  Head on over to her neck of the web and say hi and wish Mason a Happy Day.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Flashback

My sweet Gage Paxton, 3 years ago today. (3/13/2010)

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Project 52: Week 10

Although this was a fun week and full of pictures, I still missed 2 days at the beginning of the week.  Our Monday and Tuesday must have been boring.  Here is what we've been up to.
Frosty, Gage's first snowman

Go Hokies!

St. Patty's Day brothers

Mommy and Gage

Green beans!

Can you see my teeth?

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Sad for Gage

Just a few weeks back, Gage's preschool teacher that he loved just up and left.  No warning, no head ups, just was out for a few days and when I inquired, they said she wasn't coming back.  Apparently, no one knew what had happened and to this day there hasn't been much said.  As much as we think our kids are flexible and as hard as it is at this age to tell what's really going on in their heads...this change affected Gage.  He seemed to act different all around.  He was acting out more at home, was a little more withdrawn and seemed to be more sensitive.  I couldn't figure out if it was a stage or what the stressor was.  I talked to his teacher (the other one in the class who knows him best) to see if she had noted any changes and she said that she, too saw many of the kids acting out and just generally having a hard time with it. Again, these are 3 year olds, so what could be a phase for some of them, could actually be them acting out again stressors as well.

In any case, she told me there was another one of his buddies that was having a particularly tough time as well and that because they played together all the time, they seemed to be acting out together.  Btw, my kid is THE WORST when it comes to peer pressure.  He is always acting like someone- I assume this is relatively normal in the preschool population.  She said that she hoped they could get through it together.  Insert kicker.

Sam, Gage's aforementioned BFF, up and left too.  I went to pick Gage up from school Thursday and he proceeded to tell me that Sam was in a different class.  I figured he meant that Sam was in a different class that day because it was a snow day and more than likely their numbers were down.  However, when I went to look for his cubby, that Gage said he couldn't find, sure enough, it was gone.  His portfolio- gone, too.  Oh no!  I thought, not a chance.  His teacher had just mentioned him last week and Gage has just said he played with him last week.  On Friday, I inquired about Gage's bestie and sure enough I find out he's moved classes.  When I asked, I definitely got a sketchy answer so there's far more to the story than I know, or probably will ever know, but for now, I'm just really sad for Gage.  His teacher that he really liked left and now Sam, the one kid I know he played with every day and one of the more well behaved of the class.  Gage has one friend left that he talks about often so I'm hoping he'll stick around.  I just feel really bad for Gage and it's hard to know how much he knows and really understands.  I mean he told me right away that Sam was no longer in class with him so I know that he understood that, but to have a conversation about it, is different.  I just hope it doesn't affect him too much and he still enjoys school.  There's been a lot of changes in my little dude's life in the last 6 months.....a new bro, a new class at school, potty training, losing a teacher and now a good friend.  Geez!  I know kids tend to bounce back easy, I just feel sad for him.  And in the midst of one of his fits or tantrums, I have to remember maybe there's more going on.

Don't forget to set your clocks ahead!  Grrr....I dislike you, Daylight Savings Time!

Friday, March 8, 2013

An Interview with Gage (3 years, 3 months)

I've been wanting to do this for a while now and always read them on others' blogs and see the cute videos they make of their kids.  Gage usually loves to talk and cracks us up on a daily basis with the things he says; however, I was a bit disappointed in the interview.  I think maybe I didn't give him a heads up and just started asking him questions.  He didn't understand some of what I asked and I did it in the afternoon.....all set the stage for weird answers.  Nevertheless, I didn't want to skew the results at all, so I'll post what he said and ask again in another few months.

What is your name?
Gage, Gage Paxton, Gage Paxton Itnyre

How old are you?
I'm 'free'

What is your favorite toy to play with?
My blocks

Who is your best friend?

Do you have any brothers or sisters?
Yes, I have a 'bruver' named Jacob.
Jacob?  What about Ezra?  Who is that little boy over there in the car seat?
He's just a teeny tiny little boy.

What is your favorite TV show?
Yo Gabba Gabba

What is your favorite movie?
Bugs Life

What is your favorite book?
The one that plays music.

Whose house do you like to go to?

Who is your favorite person?

What is your favorite color?
Brown, because it is the color of chocolate and Nana's house

Where do you like to go in the car?
All the way to Nana's house

What is your favorite food?

What do you want to be when you grow up?  What job do you want?
snack helper

Where does Mommy work?
at a school

Where does Daddy work?
I don't know, can you tell me?

Is there anything else you want to tell me?  Do you have any questions for me?
No, some clocks please.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Last Few Weeks

I have really enjoyed doing my Project 52 pictures every week.  It's definitely made me take more pictures of our every day life and appreciate the little moments.  I also think it'll be fun at the end of the year to go back and see how the kids grew week by week.  It also helps me to keep up with blogging once a week, even if it's just to show pictures.  So, let me think what we've been up to lately.
Luke's sister and her family visited last week.  Sloane is exactly one week younger than Ezra and it was great to get them together. They live in Austin and obviously we don't have many opportunities.  It was nice of them to bite the bullet and travel up here w/ a new baby.  Our plan is to go out there this summer, but right now just wasn't feasible w/ my not being able to take off any more work before June.  We got some really cute shots of Ezra and Sloane checking each other out.  Gage had a blast playing with Uncle Mark and Aunt Annie as well.


Also, I posted about 2.5 weeks ago that we started solids with Ezra.  Well, he hates it, people.  He really does.  I've never met an almost 6 month old baby that doesn't want to eat.  It kinda stresses me out.  I mean he just screams when we try to feed him and spits everything back at us.  It almost appears he doesn't know how to eat.  However, this kid puts EVERYTHING in his mouth, and I mean everything.  Tonight he wouldn't even attempt to eat b/c he was too busy eating his bib.  He could sit for an hour probably and just chew on one toy.  I mean, I guess this is normal.  I dunno, Gage never did it.  Do other people have puppies for babies?  It's just kinda weird to me.  He literally will chew on my face and anything that comes within inches of his mouth.

Ezra has his 1st cold, which always sucks.  Noone wants to see their baby sick.  I was pretty sick for the last 2 weeks and he felt really crummy on Monday.  Seems to be a little better today but was pretty hard to entertain on our day off.  Good thing the Gov't was closed too, I might have been crazy trying to entertain him all day alone.

We have a jam packed March so I have a feeling the rest of the month will go by fast!  Hopefully I'll have time to post here and there.  I was supposed to take my 'September Break' sometime this Spring, but hasn't happened yet.  April, maybe? 

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Learning to Spell

Welcome "Ann, Mark and Sloane"
Gage spelling his friends' names "Sam, Cooper and Blake"

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Project 52: Week 9

While this is delayed, we did have a fun, but busy week.  Luke's sister and her family were in town so that was a special treat.  Here is what the last week of February looked like for us.

The Life


Butterfly Pal

Sloane Allena

The 3 Cousins: Sloane (5 months), Gage (3) and Ezra (5 months)


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