Saturday, March 9, 2013

Sad for Gage

Just a few weeks back, Gage's preschool teacher that he loved just up and left.  No warning, no head ups, just was out for a few days and when I inquired, they said she wasn't coming back.  Apparently, no one knew what had happened and to this day there hasn't been much said.  As much as we think our kids are flexible and as hard as it is at this age to tell what's really going on in their heads...this change affected Gage.  He seemed to act different all around.  He was acting out more at home, was a little more withdrawn and seemed to be more sensitive.  I couldn't figure out if it was a stage or what the stressor was.  I talked to his teacher (the other one in the class who knows him best) to see if she had noted any changes and she said that she, too saw many of the kids acting out and just generally having a hard time with it. Again, these are 3 year olds, so what could be a phase for some of them, could actually be them acting out again stressors as well.

In any case, she told me there was another one of his buddies that was having a particularly tough time as well and that because they played together all the time, they seemed to be acting out together.  Btw, my kid is THE WORST when it comes to peer pressure.  He is always acting like someone- I assume this is relatively normal in the preschool population.  She said that she hoped they could get through it together.  Insert kicker.

Sam, Gage's aforementioned BFF, up and left too.  I went to pick Gage up from school Thursday and he proceeded to tell me that Sam was in a different class.  I figured he meant that Sam was in a different class that day because it was a snow day and more than likely their numbers were down.  However, when I went to look for his cubby, that Gage said he couldn't find, sure enough, it was gone.  His portfolio- gone, too.  Oh no!  I thought, not a chance.  His teacher had just mentioned him last week and Gage has just said he played with him last week.  On Friday, I inquired about Gage's bestie and sure enough I find out he's moved classes.  When I asked, I definitely got a sketchy answer so there's far more to the story than I know, or probably will ever know, but for now, I'm just really sad for Gage.  His teacher that he really liked left and now Sam, the one kid I know he played with every day and one of the more well behaved of the class.  Gage has one friend left that he talks about often so I'm hoping he'll stick around.  I just feel really bad for Gage and it's hard to know how much he knows and really understands.  I mean he told me right away that Sam was no longer in class with him so I know that he understood that, but to have a conversation about it, is different.  I just hope it doesn't affect him too much and he still enjoys school.  There's been a lot of changes in my little dude's life in the last 6 months.....a new bro, a new class at school, potty training, losing a teacher and now a good friend.  Geez!  I know kids tend to bounce back easy, I just feel sad for him.  And in the midst of one of his fits or tantrums, I have to remember maybe there's more going on.

Don't forget to set your clocks ahead!  Grrr....I dislike you, Daylight Savings Time!


Lauren said...

Awwwm poor little guy :(

Heather said...

Aww!!! This breaks my heart!!! Kids are resilient, but that doesn't mean they don't go through a series of emotions/behaviors when confronted with a new situation. It seems worse with younger children because they don't understand why things happen or why they feel the way the do, they just know it wasn't the way it was before. Continue being the awesome Mom you are, and I'm sure Gage will bounce back soon. (We are going through an AWESOME stage right now with Babygirl seriously pushing her limits with us... not listening, flat out not doing what we ask, etc. I sure hope this is a short-lived phase!!! haha)

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