Saturday, March 30, 2013

Dear Ezra- 6 months

Dear Ezra

You were 6 months old 9 days ago and I haven't even had the chance to write you this letter.  I'd been doing alright the last few months, but see my brand new computer blew up and I had not a thing to write you a letter on.  Not to mention that even though it works now, I don't even have a program I can word process on.....awesome.  Well, enough about that, since that's not the important stuff.  The important stuff is that my youngest son is one HALF a year old and I cannot believe it.  Time is rushing by and I feel like I'm missing you grow.  Then again, looking at the last month, it seems you have changed so much and some days time stands still.  At 6 months old, you are such a happy kid.  You smile all the time and have only been fussy the last few days since you've had an earache.  I also think that the antibiotic they gave you makes your tummy hurt.  In any case, you weigh 16lbs and 13 oz. (30%ile), 1 lb more than your brother did at this age.  You are 27 ins long (65%ile), 1 inch longer than Gage was.  People always joke that you'll outweigh him some day since the difference in your weights is only 10lbs.  I will say that your getting too heavy for your bucket and Mama is really struggling to carry you around these days. 

I hate to say it but it seems I'm going to have another picky eater on my hands.  You haven't been a big fan of solids from the beginning and you're not doing too much better these days.  Right now you only eat one meal a day but this weekend you'll be starting two.  Hopefully you'll learn and get better and more efficient at eating.  You are still a fussy nurser and rarely eat more than 10 mins. at a time.  You have 6 oz. bottles at day care and they are asking for more.  I'm not sure if you are more hungry or if they just don't know how to deal with your fussiness, either way, I tend to think that 6 oz. is plenty.  You are wearing mostly 6 month clothing, but can wear 9 months in one piece outfits and most of your 6 month pants are getting too small.  You have a FAT belly.  Although you've been sleeping well at night for a while now a recent ear infection has thrown you off and we're in the middle of sleep training you again. (Yay!  You're up again for the 2nd time tonight and it's only 920pm).  You still HATE to nap and take about 3 half hour naps a day.....which is totally frustrating.  Before we went on vacation last week, you were going to bed between 6-7pm and sleeping 'til 4am or 5am.  I was hoping that by now we'd be completely done with night feedings, but that doesn't seem to be the case.  Better luck next month. 

Your absolute favorite activity right now is watching Gage- your eyes follow him everywhere and you are super interested in everything he does.  I can't wait for you to be able to interact with him so he'll know how much you idolize him.  Your other favorite pastime is chewing on anything that comes within a foot of your face.  You chew on my face, on your high chair strap,  your toes, or whatever you can find.  You are slowing learning to sit up and can sit up for a few seconds at a time.  You sat up long enough today for the photographer to get some shots for your 6 month photos.  You enjoy sitting in your Exersaucer and chewing on all of the attachments.  You prefer to play on your belly and like Gage's old electronic book and piano.  It's pretty sad, but you don't have any favorite toys yet and you're not a big fan of books.  All you want to do with a book is eat it.  I'm afraid you'll never have the love for books that your brother does.  It is still difficult to make you laugh but playing peek a boo has recently done the trick.  I can also make growling noises at you and you giggle, which we LOVE to hear.

In the last month, I feel like you've experienced many things....maybe I'm just the one who has been busy, but you have gotten to meet much of your extended family, including your Uncle B, who is in town this weekend to visit. Ezzy Bean, we love you to pieces! Happy HALF year, little man!

Love, Mommy

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