Saturday, February 27, 2010

Daycare in T minus 2 days....

This last week has been wonderful and we have been fortunate thus far to not have to put Gage in daycare. Grandma and Granddiddy were up this last week and stayed w/ Gage while both Mommy and Daddy worked. Gage had a wonderful time with them and was overall on pretty good behavior. Grandma even taught him how to roll! In my last post, I mentioned Gage could roll...Well we hadn't seen it yet and I thought maybe it was an accident...but oh no no, he is purposely doing it and purposely doing it ALL the time. And I have yet to find on the Internet on in a book that 3 month olds should be I guess Gage is a smarty pants;) In any case, learning new things means not sleeping. We were already having trouble with our naps, but of course Grandma had no trouble this I thought we were on a "roll"...but today, we are back to our old ways of not napping. However, this time doesn't seem to be just for fun, this time it's b/c Gage would rather roll then sleep. We woke up this am w/ him sleeping on his belly (which kinda freaked me out) but apparently he had slept for quite some time like that. Not so much w/ the napping....he goes to sleep...rolls over,wakes himself up, we flip over, the process continues until I get tired of it and bring him back downstairs.....

Again, a phase, it will only last a few days and we'll have to hang in there...

However, my poor little guy now has another adjustment to make, daycare on Monday. Not looking forward to it at ALL. Again, luckily, he has made it to 15 weeks and hasn't had to go. I am beginning the countdown....4 more weeks 'til Spring Break, then 10 more weeks after that. I can't wait for the summer and again I am so fortunate to get to be home with him at such a fun age. Adding to the last post, Gage did successfully poop w/o the prune juice and is pretty regular again (pertinent information, I know!) I am sure there will be much to post about daycare in the coming weeks. Let's hope for the best! Oh, oh, forgot to mention, I won $150 last night in Charlestown!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Rollin' Rollin' Rollin'

It has been a week since I have posted and a busy one at that. It was Gage's last week home with Daddy and I had all half days, which was pretty fun. We are still fighting the napping battle and have just now had some success. Gage usually would only sleep for a half hour at a time. Yesterday he took a great afternoon nap, but today only 3 one hour naps. We are making progress and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. And if this is the most of my worries, I can be thankful. We were attempting some sort of schedule before daycare, but I guess we will see.

On a happier and more successful note, Gage rolled over! Both ways! From front to back and back to front and we are willing to bet (quote me now) he will crawl around six months! When he is on his belly, he wants to go somewhere SO bad! Anyway, for now, we will take the rolling....although we are still trying to get it on tape. And will post it of course.

On a not so good note, Gage has not pooped in 2 days and we would never be so happy as to see a blowout right about now. We joked saying he would poop all over Grandma today but nothing yet. Fingers crossed for tomorrow or it's prune juice for all! Will write more later on Gage's week with Grandma!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Three Months Old Tomorrow....

My little baby is growing up....the big 3 months tomorrow. I can't believe it! I have been lucky enough to really have 11 weeks off from work (thanks Mother Nature) to be home and enjoy my baby. He is soo much fun to be with and does new things every day! Daddy is home one more week with Baby and them Grandma Penny comes to visit and stay for a whole week!
In great news....Gage slept through the night last night! Of course, it could've been a fluke, but he actually napped perfectly yesterday and they say that better napping=better sleeping. He slept from 9pm-5am! woohoo! I was almost scared at 3am when I woke up and realized he hadn't been up yet. However, I say better napping might also lead to baby NOT wanting to go to sleep. Although he slept great last night once asleep, we have never heard him scream louder than when we tried to put him down. We thought there might be something really wrong the way he was screaming. Oh well....I guess we will never know. Things seem to be ok and once alseep he slept, so...another one of those unsolved baby mysteries.
In other news, Gage might get to meet his great grandma in April when we visit Austin. Gage got to meet his Uncle Mark, Aunt Angie and Cousin Ianna last night on Skype AND his nursery is finally complete. After 3 months we finally got the letters for his room and they are perfect! Tomorrow is Valentine's Day and Gage had a few different festive outfits he has been sporting all week. Pictures to! I am repetitive in this blog! ha....

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Another 1st...

Our sweet baby slept in his crib for the first time last night like a big boy! It is so unbelievable that 13 weeks ago when we 1st put him in his cradle, we thought...'this cradle is HUGE and he is SO tiny'. However, the last few nights he had been getting himself wedged in the cradle sideways and could not stretch his arms all the way out to his sides without touching the bumper. Last night as we were getting ready to transition him into his new room he was not happy at all. (In fact, he has not been happy for 2-3 days now.) He was staring at the crib and screaming like it was the devil and he was scared of it. However, once we got him settled and he realized how much better the mattress was (thanks Uncle B) and how much room he had, we think he loved it! He slept longer than he had in a few nights. I think it is still somewhat of an adjustment and will take a few nights, but what doesn't? Currently, he again is still sleeping since bedtime (he usually gets up at 11pm and it's now 1130pm).
In other news, we decided that now that he is 3 months old he needs to begin taking naps in his crib/cradle or wherever he sleeps. This is not going over so well. Gage has not napped in a few days and has been especially cranky. We are not so sure what to do, but like everything else, we know it will pass and we will all be fine. Until then we will only have a happy baby for half a day until he gets too tired to even think, or until we take him for a car ride. Good thing I wasn't working this week. Thanks Mother Nature. Wow........3 months old on Sunday! More pictures to come...

Monday, February 8, 2010

Snow Pics

Here are a few pictures of the Blizzard of 2010. 28" in 36 hours. Round 2 should yield another foot or 2 over the next 2 days. We just pray for power.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Snowtorious B.I.G

Big surprise....tomorrow is Saturday and it's snowing! Gage already experienced one blizzard in his short life and now we're on #2. We have about 7-8ins right now outside but by morning there is supposed to be 2 feet and it's supposed to surpass 30 ins by tomorrow night. I can't complain though, I got to stay home twice this week with my hubby and baby and perhaps will get some more time off next week. Many are predicting we'll be out all week. If it weren't for snow mid week next week, I'd say we'd be back Thurs. or so, but who knows? AT least this will be one Super Bowl we don't have to worry about getting up early for work the next day. So Gage is becoming and having more fun by the moment. He loves to try and sit up, loves Phillip, a fish that hangs on his wall, is beginning to like tummy time and loves his activity mat. He had a play date with Jake this week and Jake tried to eat the lions on his feet! He is becoming so much more interactive and every day it is something new. Is it possible to love my baby more every day??

The following is a video of him talking to Phillip.
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