Friday, July 19, 2013

Project 52: Week 28

(July 7-13) Finally caught up for the most part.  A busy week and pictures only 4 days.  Oh well, it is what it is.

Water park

Boys at Dutch Wonderland

Handsome man


Monday, July 15, 2013

Project 52- Halfway through the year and I couldn't make it. Weeks 26-27

It's always been hard for me after my 'breaks' to resume blogging on a regular basis. There's so much I want to write about but feel so far behind and it's easier to not try to catch up.  So it's mid-July and I haven't even posted yet this month.  I have tons of birthday posts coming up and updates on how we've been spending our summer.  And although I'm way behind in the Project 52, I'm determined and although I'm not caught up and won't ever be, I'm going to continue to post my pics, if for no one else, but myself. 

Week 26 (halfway through) (June 23-29).   I actually didn't do so bad- 5 out of 7 days.

What a fun surprise- Gage's friend from school at swim class!

Ezra's 1st swim lesson

The dreaded Exersaucer plus magnets equals 5 mins. of getting something done.

Guess who's shorts are whos?

Puddin' face


After bath
Week 27 (June 30- July 6)- yay!  Another 5 days.

Hard at work

Water Table

Happy 4th of July- my baby's last 1st holiday

Bali shirt courtesy of Uncle B


Sunday, July 14, 2013

Dear Ezra- 9 months

Ok, so here's the deal, I actually wrote this over 3 weeks ago and it was going to be on time.  Then life happened and I didn't have a picture to go with it, I started slacking and I never got back to it.  However, I still want to post it, although I'll be writing another one later this week. 

My Dearest Ezra

9 months!  2/3 of a year!  Although it's never even occurred to me, apparently the 9 month milestone is a big one since it marks you being in the world longer than I grew you.  Either way for me, it's huge!  By the end of the summer you'll practically be a one year old and!  I mean this year FLEW by.

At 9 months, you weigh 19lbs 6oz and are 28.75in long- almost a pound heavier than Gage at this age and apparently a whole inch longer.  I'll believe that one when I see it.  In any case, you are full into your 9 month clothes and even can sport a few 12 month outfits.  I've just spent another afternoon digging through Gage's old clothes to see what I could find you.  It's always fun to go shopping in your own bedroom instead of spending money.  At 9 months, E you have 4 teeth and  HUGE gap.  You are still belly crawling, but are pretty much the fastest belly crawler ever!  You are pulling up and were standing in your crib when Daddy when in to get you today.  You are eating 3 solid meals a day and 4 bottles/nursings a day.  My little baby is growing up.  We have just started to introduce to you to some 'table foods'.  You chowed down on a cheese quesadilla the other night and loved every bite.  I am really trying to give you foods of all kinds at this point to see what you'll eat and am hoping this might mean you won't ever be as picky as Gage. 

Well Ezra, the time has come that I finally get to spend more time with you and your brother!  You have one more week of school and then it's the summer time!  I cannot wait.  I would be lying if I didn't say I was worried how I was going to keep both of you busy, but we'll  have to figure it out, won't we?  Right now your favorite thing to play with is still whatever Gage is.  You love to bang things together and blocks and trucks are your favorite.  You love your musical soccer ball and it's crazy how good you can roll it already.  You love wooden spoons and bowls and in the bath you take after your brother and go 1st for the drumsticks.  You actually aren't a bad little drummer already.  Geez- can't wait for 2 drummers in the house!  ha...You are now a professional at taking big boy baths and seem to love the water.  You have no fear and go from laying down in it to sitting up and back and forth.  You seem to love the water so much I couldn't wait to take you to the pool.  Crazy enough, the 1st time we even got to go was today.....after in  your last letter I said we'd be going that weekend.  You actually were not the biggest fan of the pool today and seemed overly unimpressed.  It's funny b/c you are such a smiley happy baby and I swear you didn't crack one smile today.  You do start swim lessons next week though, so that should be interesting.  Another of your favorite pastimes, not toy related, is chasing Ace. God Bless him - you get so excited when you see him- you 'talk' to him and the chase pursues.  You always win and have a ball of hair to prove it.  We are trying to teach you to pat nicely but to date you most always just grab tufts of hair.  Thankfully and crazy enough he doesn't mind.

My poor Ezra, you have had quite the time with ear infections.  The last week of May you had an ear infection over the weekend that I took you to Urgent Care for.  You finished your antibiotic and it came back immediately.  You stopped eating for a day and Daddy had to get you back in to the dr.  They put you on a stronger med that cleared up your ear but screwed up your stomach.  You were all but miserable for a whole week.  You seem to be sleeping better these days and holy crap, it seems you've learned to nap!  At least here at home...I'll take hour naps, trust me.  You have been quite the sleepy boy today- perhaps you're growing.

In the last month, you've been to the dr. just about once a week (thank God for Daddy having enough time to take).  You helped Daddy celebrate his 1st Father's Day of 2 and you survived a week of just Mommy taking care of both of you when Daddy was out of town.  The next month should be one of lots of 1sts and lots of fun.  I'm sure we'll run into our snafus but we'll somehow figure out a routine.  I sure hope that you start liking the pool more, Gage had a blast today and I was planning on spending quite a bit of time there this summer. 

Ezra, you are my little firecracker, that's for sure!  You are still quite fussy, but sometimes only for your Momma.  I think you're a little attached to me;)  You don't seem to be as fussy w/ your Daddy and thank God for him, b/c I certainly don't know what to do with you all the time.   You have been my little challenge ,but I love you for it and I know you'll help me to be a better Mommy and to figure out how to multi-task like a champ!  My hope for you this summer is to be able to give you lots of new experiences and hopefully get a routine down pat.  I hope you're a little happier since I'll be home with you all the time.  I love you, Ezzy and I'll cherish each of these days with you this summer because I know when I send you back to daycare in the Fall you'll practically be a full fledged toddler!  Here's to a summer with my 2 boys! 

Love your Momma

Here's my crazy little guy!

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