Sunday, August 8, 2010

A lobster, a vampire, or a tiger?

What should Gage be for Halloween this year??  Yes, I know it is only August; however, August seems to be when you can get the best deals on Halloween costumes, so we are already looking.  Last week, we found the cutest lobster costume and we both knew that's what we wanted Gage to be.  However, the price tag wasn't exactly appealing.  BUT since it is his 1st Halloween we were willing to splurge a little.

Then when I went to Carter's the other day and saw how cute their costumes were and after finding out that with various discounts and coupons, I could get one for around $12, I reconsidered the splurging and thought the tiger would be just as cute, especially since the costumes are so well made and would definitely be warm.

Finally, today we were in Babies R Us and Luke fell in love with a baby vampire outfit.  I can't find the exact image, but you get the drift.  Ace, our cat, has a vampire Halloween costume from last year so Luke thinks it would go just perfectly.  I just didn't think it was very cute, the costume in this picture is much cuter.  Also, of course, coming from Babies R Us, it wasn't the cheapest either.

So anyone have a vote?  Which do you think is the cutest?  Have you already picked out your kids' Halloween costumes?


~Jamie Kubeczka~ said...

I think the Tiger is adorable!

Laura said...

You're not the only one thinking about Halloween costumes. The tiger is super cute, but I like the lobster best.

Jennifer said...

I vote lobster! But if he's walking around or in a stroller I don't know if the costume will have the same effect. The tiger is really cute too. August is when we buy our costumes too. That's when you get the best deals!

Katie said...

I totally looked at Halloween costumes the other day. SO FUN!! I LOVE the lobster! That would be hilarious!! But, he will look super adorable in whatever you pic!

WeeMasonMan's Mom said...

I love the lobster!

Mason has been predestined to dress up like a penguin this Halloween before he was even born. Poor guy (I'm obsessed with penguins)

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