Monday, August 9, 2010

Cosco Scenera?

Does anyone own a Cosco Scenera convertible carseat?  I know, I know, most of you own Britax's, but I just haven't been impressed to spend that much money and plus this is for our 2nd car only.  One that Gage has ridden in about 20 times total in 9 months.  The Scenera is actually top rated on Consumer Reports so for it's $40, can't be too bad; however, I'm reading that the biggest complaints are it's uncomfortable and hard to install.  The uncomfortable thing isn't a big deal since again, he will  only be riding in it on an occasional basis, but just wondering if anyone can speak from personal experience. Thanks!

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Laura said...

We bought the Scenera for my Mom who keeps Bryce 3 days a week. He rides just fine in it with out any complaints, but as you read it is a little difficult to install. However I don't think that is a really big deal unless you plan to be taking it in and out of the car often. I think Bryce is just happy to be able to see more from his car seat than he was able to see from the infant carrier.

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