Saturday, August 7, 2010

What is worthy of a post?

Doesn't look like I've written anything of substance this week, huh?  I'm sure some things have happened, in fact, that's why I haven't had the time to write....clearly, I have been doing other things!

While doing these other things, I keep thinking...I need to blog about this, or blog about that....and well  at the end of the day, I'm too damn tired most of the time.  I'll start with telling you what I've been up to and maybe I'll get inspired...

Every Thursday, Gage and I get together with Sawyer and his mom Sarah. This past week it was too hot to swim so we decided instead to hit up our local Carter's store (which I didn't know existed until this week) to buy some fall 'school' clothes.  I usually love Carter's clothes and get them from either Target or Kohl's.  I didn't know I had my very own Carter's store w/in a half hour of me.  Anyway, if you are a Carter's fan, you might want to look up where your local store is...their prices are lower than any of their other retailers (understandably so).  AND if you bought $40 worth of stuff, everything was 25% off.  I love me a good sale!  So needless to say, I bought Gage a few new outfits, mostly PJ's and Halloween gear and saved about $30 or so. (Their Halloween costumes are also on sale for a super low price right now, too.)  Luke was so impressed with my savings that he said we could go back tomorrow and buy some more stuff  to celebrate the tax free weekend in VA!  wahoo!  I can't believe I am buying 12M clothing, my little guy is not so little anymore:( and they don't have cute little one  pieces anymore, I actually have to buy little BOY clothes.

Yesterday, Gage hung out w/ Daddy while I worked for a day.  Being a special education teacher, there is always TONS to do at the beginning of the year and something else always pops up, so anything you can get done over the summer is worth taking the time to do.  I was somewhat productive b/c I was happy to know that Gage was home with Daddy.  However, being back at work reminded me of our looming decision to pick a day care and the fact that this time whereever we pick, we must commit to for 10 months.  We think we have settled on one, but of course it's like the 2nd most expensive place in the fun!  Luckily, both Luke and I are making a little more than last year, so we should be able to swing it.

Finally, today, was one big disappointment!  I had blogged a week or so ago about our upcoming 1st birthday party for Gage's BFF Jake.  He turned one last week but his party was today at 3pm, or so I thought....
Originally, Jake's party had been scheduled for a different day and for one reason or another his parents changed it.  When they changed the date, they also changed the time; however, noone told me:(  I still had the original time written down and rearranged Gage's entire day based upon it.  We got there 2.5 hours late and everything was done.  The presents, the cake, the singing of Happy Birthday....we missed it all.  We got no pictures and Jake took a nap shortly after we got there....yeehaw!  Some birthday.  I guess in the end it didn't matter since my camera batteries were dead anyway, but it would've been nice to not have to get Gage up from a nap to go to a non existent birthday party.  Crazy to think that in exactly 14 weeks it will be the eve of Gage's 1st birthday, not to mention that in one week he will have been outside of my belly longer than in my how time flies.  Since this post was random and boring, I'll post some new pictures soon.  Everyone loves new pictures!


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