Sunday, August 1, 2010

Giveaways and a Birthday!

I haven't blogged all weekend, I was feeling kinda eh about blogging on Friday night so I decided that the pictures were enough and that I would wait until I was more motivated.  I am always thinking of things to blog about and wish that I had more time, but I also need to spend time doing other things with my husband, little boy and myself.
In saying all of that I want to blog about some totally cool giveaways on Thanks, Mail Carrier that I have entered.  I'm really excited about them b/c Xenia gives away some pretty cool stuff and I'm usually lucky (don't know why I just wrote that) so maybe I'll win something one of these days.  She has giveaways that appeal to all tastes and I make sure to only enter the ones that I really want to win so I don't just win stuff to win it.  Anyway, right now she is running several.  I have entered the pediped shoes giveaway, a giveaway for a Senseo coffee maker and one for a kokopax baby carrier that looks pretty cool compared with some other baby carriers.  One more giveaway that I entered that absolutely can't be beat and I'm not sure how it was pulled off anyway is over at Feisty, Frugal and Fabulous.  Tenille is giving away a Britax Advocate carseat!  Holy crap!

On another note, I have to give one of Gage's BFF's a shoutout for his 1st birthday today!  You have seen Jake featured many times on my blog as his Mom is one of my best friends.  Here is one of the most recent pictures I have of him when we were at the beach in late June.  He is 11 months here. 

Happy Birthday Jacob Bradley!
Speaking of, his birthday party is next weekend and I don't know what to buy the one year old that has everything.  If any of you have some good suggestions for a unique gift, please let me know.  I'll post pictures from the party next week.


Xenia said...

Baby pictures always are more fun than blog posts anyway, Amy! Plus, when you have such a cutie to show off, why wouldn't you?

Thanks for the giveaway mentions - I hope your good luck holds out! :)

Laura said...

Good luck on the giveaway! As for your question about the mesh feeders, I'm pleasantly surprised. I thought about getting one for a long time. Bryce so far has loved everything we've put in it. We also have a birthday party weekend also for a 1 year old and I'm at a loss to as what to get as a gift.

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