Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ace: the stupid child

This is Ace.

Ace is stupid. Himalayans are supposed to be smart, but he is not. Not survival smart anyway, like a cat should be.

Exhibit A: Cats are quick. Cats move out of the way of large objects (such as couches) or can 'feel' danger. When we moved in, my husband and his friend were moving our couch from the bottom floor to our main level. This was a few weeks after we actually moved so the cats weren't locked up. Why would they need to be? It was only one piece being moved. Luke and Jeff actually lowered the couch on top of Ace. Ace is a cat, Ace should've moved. Our other cat, Jasper (and most cats) would NEVER have come close to getting a couch lowered on them. Ace let out a pitiful cry and if it hadn't been for the mesh layer under the couch he probably would've been Chinese food. I was terrified he was going to be unrecognizable, but they lifted the couch and out he ran. Yes, a couch was put on top of our cat and he didn't move.
Ace is stupid.

Exhibit B: We have a 'loft' so to speak from our 2nd floor to the ground level. We hadn't been in this house a week before Ace fell off. Not gracefully like a cat should, but flat on his back from 12 feet or so. About 2 weeks later, we woke up one morning to find a very disgruntled cat. We couldn't figure out why he was so angry- until we went downstairs. The 'chandelier' light fixture over our 'loft' was bent, blood was on the floor, one of Ace's toenails and one of his teeth were found. Yes, our cat has one less 'canine' feline tooth. We could only guess that he had fallen again, or worse, tried to jump to the kitchen over the stairwell.
 Ace is stupid.

Exhibit C: Because of Gage's mobility, we recently put up a baby gate at the top of our stairs to our basement. The cats' litter box is in the basement but the gate is only closed when Gage is up and about. If it is closed, we are right here to open it if the cats need to go down. Jasper just meows, we open it, he does his business and comes back. Ace usually just sits in front of it and I figure that means he needs to go down as well. Today I suppose he was tired of waiting and didn't bother to speak up meow. This is what I found (3 times today). The picture is unclear because it was taken with my cell phone the 3rd time Ace got stuck.

I wouldn't even help him this time because I had to get a picture and he was stupid enough to do it again...and again. You can't see the hole in which he is trying to get through but for this post's sake I measured it. It is 4.5" by 5". I am not sure how he even got is head and most of his body through.
Ace is stupid.

This is my Jasper cat. He is smart!

*In Ace's defense, he can do tricks, such as 'sit', 'shake', 'down', and 'roll over'.  However, he is no Jinxy cat.


The Sims said...

Wow. No more words, just WOW!

Shelli said...

Ah...very interesting!!

You have a very Beautiful Award waiting for you! Check it out....


Lauren said...

New follower from New Friend Friday!!!Love your Header!!! He is sooo handsome. Hope You have a wonderful Friday...

Ps I also host a weekly blog hop... so feel free to link up anytime!

Anonymous said...

LOL... I'm your newest follower.

Acting Balanced Mom said...

My sister-in-law had four cats when I met her... Daemon was smart, Angel was haughty, Babs was playful and Pook was the dumbest thing in creation... all about personalities... glad you found Acting balanced and now, that I've found you... new follower

MrsPhilipswithoneL said...

Thanks for the laughs, you just have to feel sorry for the poor thing ;)

New follower from Sensational Saturday Social

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