Monday, July 19, 2010

Playdates Galore...

Last week we had 3 playdates back to back, then skipped town to see the grandparents. It was so exhausting we didn't even have time to write about it. I am looking forward to a much quieter week this week.

Last Wednesday, we set off to Stafford (about an hr. drive) to go and see my friend's new house and have our kids meet. Her son, Theo is 2 months older than Gage and again, those 2 months are HUGE at this age. Although Theo is almost as toothless as Gage (he has 2 halves) Theo of course can crawl and stand unassisted. He isn't quite walking but can get around quite well alone. As usual when it comes to babies, their nap/lunch times didn't mesh and Theo and Gage only really played together for a few mintues. I didn't even get any pictures, as I had promised. I did get one picture of Malisa's older son, Gus and Gage.

Gage, 8 months and Gus, almost 5

Thursday was our weekly playdate with Sawyer and although it's next to impossible to get pictures of two babies at the pool with only two mommies, I did get a few pictures here before we left for the pool. Gage has recently become very interested in Sawyer and crawled up to his carseat immediately after he arrived. He wanted to touch him and looked as if he wanted to get in the carseat w/ him. Hopefully we'll get more pictures as the summer continues.

Friday was our final date with Jamie and Jacob at the pool. It was soo hot but we actually stayed longer than usual. Jacob was in a pretty good mood, but Gage wasn't (and hasn't been) in such a good mood these days. Not to mention Gage's float got a hole in it and he can no longer 'walk' around the baby pool. We were supposed to have a Mommy lunch but the boys were both tired so we both went home instead.

More to come on the weekend with the grandparents.


Kerri said...

I am convinced that Gage and Camden go shopping in each other's closets...they are always wearing the same clothes in pictures! Yay for playdates. I think the kids will get more out of them as they get older. Right now, I think they're more for the mommies. :)

Amy and Luke said...

ha Kerri- yeah I think I've definitely seen them in the same outfits before. Is it the my Mom Rocks or the lizard shirt from Old Navy?? They also both have the striped guitar shorts outfit I know.

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