Saturday, July 10, 2010

Gage is on the move....

Finally! ha... at 8 months old, my baby is on the move! Not crawling on hands and knees, but nevertheless, he gets where he wants to go. (Mostly to the computer or our cell phones.) It won't be long now, my estimate is about a week, before we'll have to put up our gate. We bought it awhile ago in case we needed to all of a sudden put it up, since many of our friends said, it'll just happen overnight. In the last week we had seen Gage get stronger and stronger and more determined to move. Every day he was doing a little bit more. However, today, he was really movin' w/ a mission and I got it on video. Yes, not too graceful yet, or symmetrical even, but it's pretty darn cool either way.

Also, I'm ticked with I tried to download Phil Vassar's "Just Another Day in Paradise" and I failed to listen to it 1st. So some of you may have noticed that it was playing "God Bless the USA" instead. I'm so annoyed. They don't have any other versions of the song so basically that means they don't have the song at all...grr. I don't think I can really download it from another website either since that's the only free one I know of to post on your blog.

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