Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Here is what I think of teething...

My defintion of teething is- WHITE TEETH THAT YOU CAN ACTUALLY SEE COMING THROUGH THE GUMS. Enough with this a baby can teeth for months nonsense. It is hilarious to me that everything you read says that a baby can "teethe" for months. How about babies just put things in their mouth b/c that's what babies do? How about some babies drool more than others? My baby has been drooling since month 1. How about some babies are just fussy and have stages where they just don't sleep through the night? How about some babies just get a touch of a fever when they are trying to fight something off?

I get it. People are trying to 'name' what is going on with their child. If they have a fussy baby they want to believe it's for a reason and not just b/c their kid is having a bad day, or a bad week. If their baby is not sleeping but their friend's baby is, it's easier to just say, oh "he/she is teething". Everyone just wants to think that it's not a part of life and that babies don't go through stages. I learned early on that babies go through stages and that once you think you have something figured it out, it either stops or something else starts happening.

So the literature says a baby can show signs of teething for months and it's funny to read people's posts online that says "my baby started teeting at 3 months and didn't get his teeth until 10 months". Maybe your baby was just fussy or was exploring the world with his mouth (that's what babies do), but I seriously doubt you can look back 7 months and say, "that's what it was, it had to be the teeth". It's just so bizzare to me. I think my favorite is when people claim their baby's teeth are coming through and I look and their gums look exactly like my baby's toothless gums. They say, "I can just tell". Or.....again, maybe your baby is sick or fussy or gassy, etc.

Ok, I'm done w/ my rant. We have decided we're no longer looking for Gage's teeth. They'll show up when they want and just like water boiling, staring at his gums are not going to help things move any quicker. I'm sure one day when I'm feeding him and have given up on the tooth situation altogether I'll feel his teeth, instead of see them. For now, I think my toothless baby is pretty darn cute the way he is!


The Sims said...

I totally agree. I swear when Bennett starts to cry (after we have fed, burped, changed, etc.) I feel like I should figure out what is wrong, but have finally realized, HE IS A BABY, he cries!! With Carson he drooled all the time & still does, imagine that? It's a part of growing up. I'm with you. They just write stuff for people to buy it. It's all about making that $$$. Ha.. kidding. maybe it's true for some. I swear I am going to call you soon. Oh and what is this new picture program you are using? I need to know. Thanks.

Mandy and Nathan said...

Hey there!
I tried to respond to your comment on my blog but I was having "technical difficulties," so I thought this may work better!
We bought the Graco MyRide 65's. We love them, and so do Tyler & Caroline. They are really comfortable, they rear-face until 40 lbs and front-face until 65 lbs. On top of that, they're way less than $200, so very economical! If you buy them through Bed Bath & Beyond you can use those 20% off coupons (go in the store & have them do it for you - it's the only way they work). We got a ridiculously good price doing it that way!
Hope this helps!

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