Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A weekend in Chesapeake...and swim lessons

Friday night we headed down to Chesapeake to visit the grandparents and to see some friends I went to high school with. We did dinner with friends and their almost 2 year old girl. Unfortunately, I am bad and didn't get any pictures (give me a break, we were at a restaurant), but Gage again, is soo interested in touching other kids now. He was very interested in Caleigh, as she was in him. Sunday we also went to visit my friend Bonnie and her new baby boy, Bennett. He was soo cute and sweet. Unfortunately, her oldest son, Carson was napping and we didn't get to see him. Gage wasn't very interested in Bennett, probably b/c Bennett showed no interest in him, but he did practice his squealing skills and puked on Bonnie's carpet!

Other than that we just spent the weekend with family and Gage got lots of Grandma and Grandiddy time! Gage is super excited to see them in 5 weeks at their beachhouse!

Gage also had his 1st swim lesson last night. He did all in all pretty well but was very overstimulated. He was SOO excited to be there and couldn't wait to get in the water. He just kept squealing and squealing, seems to be his new thing. Although we were pretty disappointed that Daddy couldn't take pictures, Gage still had fun. The instructor used him a couple of times for an 'example' and he loved it. He did get his face in the water once and swallowed a little bit of water, but he's no worse for it! We'll see how he enjoys tomorrow night's class.

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The Sims said...

Puke is OK. I have dealt with it a time or two. You know, home, work, car (just recently C did that, blah!). Glad we got to see you & will hopefully see you again next month!

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