Wednesday, July 14, 2010

EIGHT months...

I just read last month's letter to Gage and I thought it was pretty damn good. Not sure if I can top it.

Dear Gage,

Eight months old, holy crap! That's 2/3 of a year old in math language, ha! Life is just getting better all of the time. I am now home with you ALL the time and I'm loving it. We have 7 more weeks of summer to enjoy each other's company. Alot has happened in this last month, let me see if can catch you up. You are now crawling!! Yahoo! I'm so excited that you are growing up but it's crazy to think that some time real soon you'll be ruling this place. We haven't yet put the gates up, but they are coming pretty soon. You just learned this last weekend so you're still a little slow;). In the last few weeks, Daddy and I have taken you to the zoo and the pool several times! The porcupine was your favorite at the zoo and currently your favorite activity at the pool is to use your float as a walker and 'swim' around the baby pool! It's pretty funny. A few weeks ago, you, me, Jake and his Mommy went to the beach. It was super hot so we didn't have much sand time but we did get to go to the aquarium and see some HUGE sharks! We've been hanging out with Sawyer and his Mommy alot lately too.

You are now eating 3 meals of solid food a day. Right before we figured out it was time, you were eating like a piggy-3 buckets each for breakfast and for dinner, so we thought spreading them out might be better. It has worked out and you're catching on. You have just started puffs and still aren't too sure (see previous post). We've had quite a spell with you lately being up some in the middle of the night. With Mommy not working and Daddy getting up before 5am I have been up with you the most. It doesn't seem that you need anything particular, just a cuddle in the middle of the night. This is commonplace for some, but is odd for you. I contribute this to all of our daily activities now. Your routine is not as stringent and your naps are sometimes off. On days you nap well, you tend to sleep better. You LOVE LOVE LOVE the pool and will be starting swim lessons on Monday.

Although you will learn soon I'm sure, right now you can get only get from sitting to your belly, but not back up to sitting. You can't quite pull up on anything, other than w/ my help, but you sure try. Your little legs are still like spaghetti when you try to stand, although you love to stand w/ Mommy's help. You have just in the last week discovered your doorway jumper. You've been put in it for quite a while, but now know what you're supposed to do. You love your backyard swing as well and have to hold on to one side when we're swinging you. You weigh about 18lbs and will soon be ready for a big boy carseat.

Gage, you are really the apple of your Mommy's eye. What working Mom is lucky enough to stay home and play with their baby for 3 whole months? (only teachers, that's for sure). I can never get this time back and am eternally grateful for this chance to stay home w/ you and have a career. I still love to stare at you and cuddle you before you fall asleep at night. Your smile lights up a room and everyone comments on your precious dimples. You light up when Daddy comes home from work. You are learning sign language and definitely know the sign for eat and kick your feet and squeal when I ask if you are ready. You are interested in petting Ace Cat although he's not thrilled when you do. You still love Mommy's songs, even if she can't sing- they are good enough for you. You are starting to get a little more squirmy and don't enjoy sitting for as long as you used to; however, you still love books and will always sit for one. You are still nursing and seem to still enjoy it. I hope it lasts for another 4 months! Every night we thank God for you know that we are truly blessed. Happy 8 months, little man! The summer has just begun...

Love ya, Momma


Kerri said...

What a cutie!! Hard to believe they're already 8 months old. Well, Camden will be 8 months in another week or so. Yay for crawling! Camden's not quite there yet. He has recently mastered going from laying down to sitting though, which means after I put him to bed or down to nap, I find him sitting in his crib. Fun! I'm glad you guys are having a great summer together. I can't wait to take Cam to the zoo!

The Little Blonde Girl said...

He's so cute! Thanks for finding my blog and leaving the sweet comment! Yay for summer vacation, huh? Gotta love it!

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