Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy 4th of July!

Now that I think I have most of my blog issues fixed, thanks to some web strangers out there willing to give a HTML novice some advice, I am ready to post my pictures from our 4th of July and I guess I owe you some pictures from Grandma and Granddiddy's visit.

Every 4th for the last 4-5 years we have gone to our friends Jamie and Brad's house. They live near where the city lights off fireworks so we have always cooked out at their house and then walked to see one of my very favorite things- fireworks. This year however, we did not walk to see the fireworks. Jamie and Brad also have a <1 year old son and we didn't think the boys would like it too much. Plus my guy's bedtime is pretty much non-negotiable. He slept like a champ in the Pack n Play and the fireworks didn't even wake him. This year Gage and Jake got matching outfits from Old Navy. We didn't manage to get any good pictures of the two of them though. I was the only one concerned w/ the pictures, but I figured if we bought them matching outfits, we should get proof, right?

This was the best picture that we got. Although they're not looking at the camera, you can see their outfits.

This is Jamie holding the boys as they try to beat each other up.

We did however get a few super cute shots of me and Gage before we left. One of them is in my new banner, but it's kinda small so I might post it again!

It was a fun night, probably not as fun as in the past, but what are you gonna do when a couple of babies ruin it for you?:) Just kidding, people, just kidding!

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