Friday, July 2, 2010

Last week of grad school and a week with the Grandparents...

This was the last week of grad school ever! I am so excited to say that I am completely done with all of my graduate work and will be getting a pay raise next Fall! During this last week of grad school, Grandma and Grandiddy came to take care of Gage. I think they had lots of fun seeing him 2 weeks in a row. Grandma plays hard and Gage got to go for walks, play in the pool, his new outdoor swing and Grandma pimped out his Exersaucer with pictures of myself, Luke and Gage. She took lots of pictures; however, most were on her camera. There were plenty of cute ones that I'll post when she sends them to me. Gage will miss his grandparents but we plan to see them in just a few short weeks.

Gage was in a pretty good mood all week except for the aformentioned diaper rash and gas. He did manage to sleep through the night for the 1st night in a week and a half on Wednesday. Overall, he seems to be sleeping more restfully as well. He has decided he doesn't want to nap anymore and now only sleeps one hour at a time, BUT he is sleeping through the night. Just seems off lately and I'm hoping w/ time it'll pass, just like everything else.

Today we took Gage to the pool and although it was a beautiful day, because it has been so mild lately, the water was pretty darn cold. Gage didn't mind the baby pool though and loved to use his float as a walker. He "swam" all over the pool and lounged in the sun. He LOVES the pool! I can't wait for him to go back to the beach in August.

Gage's appetite is also back! He had lost it when he was sick. He ate 2.75 jars of food for dinner tonight, plus 2 oz. of cereal! I'm hoping he's getting on track in every arena.

I think I had one more thought, but it has escaped me.

The rest of the weekend should be fun, we're headed to the zoo tomorrow and then a birthday party and the 4th annual 4th with the Hughes on Sunday. More to come...

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Erica and Pinot Grigio said...

Aww, Tubs loves the pool too! It doesn't matter if the water is too cold or anything, he LOVES it! It's crazy.

Congrats on finishing grad school! That's awesome!

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