Thursday, July 29, 2010

Wordless Wednesday Pics...

...seem to have a theme going on, no?  ha...this is not at all intentional. The first picture was just super cute and I hadn't looked at his newborn pictures in sooo long.  This week's picture was from Tuesday when we went down to visit my old stompin' grounds with Daddy for his birthday.  We had talked about visiting JMU this summer but being that it's always 100 degrees we were waiting for the perfect 'cooler' day.  Because Luke refuses to work on his birthday and because it was only going to be in the mid 80's we headed down for the day.  I love JMU's campus and get so excited every time I get to go there.  It is beautiful and they have put up a few brand new buildings that are just so nice.  Unfortunately when we got to the new tunnel and new theatre building I didn't have my camera on me...

Gage, Mommy and the Duke Dog
My cousin, Amber is going to be a junior at JMU in the Fall and she is living there for the summer.  We got to spend a few hours with her and I also got to spend WAY too much money at the bookstore on new JMU gear!
Gage (8.5 months) and cousin Amber
Family Action shot

Ok, now I've got to get to work.  I am being featured in a blog hop tomorrow that takes place over at Thanks, Mail Carrier.  TMC has over 2000 followers, so I might get some new traffic.  Have to clean this thing up and get it lookin' nice!

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The Sims said...

WOW!! YOUR being FEATURED! You are on a roll. Thanks again for fixing the fonts for me. Your blog looks really good. talk to ya soon!

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