Saturday, July 3, 2010

Reston Zoo...

This morning we took Gage to the Reston Zoo. It's a small zoo, the perfect size for little kids. It is more of a petting zoo than a traditional zoo. You can feed goats and sheep and take a hayride to see buffalo, ostrich and zebra. It is pretty affordable AND the gift shop is shockingly not over priced. In hindsight we should've gone yesterday before it got too hot again, but we didn't get up early enough. It wasn't too bad today, we were in and out by 11am.

The first thing at the zoo is the 'petting' part where you can feed the goats and sheep. The goats are incredibly loud and Gage was scared right away. He started to cry and I thought, oh no, we're in for it.... However, he was comforted pretty easily and once we got him away from the noisy goat we were fine. He actually liked the baby goats.

They had some pretty cool animals and you were able to get pretty close. We bypassed the hayride this year because it was getting late and Gage was getting tired AND hot. The porcupine was by far Gage's favorite and he was mesmerized by it. I think he thought it was a giant spiny kitty. Luke and I liked the monkeys but my favorite was the "Clydesdale" chickens. Have any of you seen chickens with feathers all the way down their legs?? They looked like they had bell bottoms on...when one trotted around the corner, it looked like the feet of a little Scottie puppy. Very weird. This picture doesn't do it justice.

Here are a few more pictures of the day. Overall it was a good time.

Very cool tortoise.

Gage wasn't too fond of being a monkey.

Big spiny kitty.


Hangin' out w/ the bunnies

We wanted to get him a little souvenir from his 1st trip to the zoo. Like I said the gift shop was reasonably priced, so although we didn't see one today at the zoo, we came home with a stuffed knit zebra, pretty cute and age appropriate. I took this with my phone so it's a little blurry.

Tomorrow is the 4th! We have a birthday party and the annual Hughes' visit. See you then.

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