Sunday, July 25, 2010


As you can see I have changed my new header to wish my husband a happy birthday. His birthday is not today, not even tomorrow- not until Tuesday, but I believe in having birthday WEEKS. ha. I have always been HUGE on birthdays and head up the fake 'party planning' committee in my department at school. Really it's just organizing who is making a cake for what month for whose birthday. Anyway, I LOVE birthdays and make it a point to say happy birthday to anyone/everyone I can find who is celebrating their special day. So I had to of course set up a new background for a week to wish Luke a Happy day.

If any of you would like to tell me when your birthday is, or your kids' birthdays, I will make sure to post a link to your blog and wish you a happy day. I know I know, nothing special, but sometimes it's nice to hear birthday wishes from all around.

This post was a little delayed since our power was out for 5 hours this afternoon in the middle of a heat wave. We survived and although it's hot in his room, Gage is now back in his crib...should cool down before long.

This week we're busy bees again- looking at more daycares, getting ready for Daddy's bday, hanging out w/ Daddy on his bday, our weekly playdate with Sawyer, a lunch date on Sunday and visitors on Saturday....whew! Enjoy your week.

Holy crap, I almost forgot! In honor of the post title, it's one of my old high school buddy's birthdays today. Happy 30th Lawren!


Kerri said...

Camden's birthday is November 21st & mine is December 15th.

Happy birthday week to your hubby!!

Good luck with the daycare search. I can imagine that's not an easy process. I'm confident you'll find the right fit soon though.

Amy and Luke said...

ha...I knew Camden's b/c it's exactly one week from GAge's and yours is 4 days after mine! Thanks for the encouragement, I'm hoping it'll all work out.

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