Monday, July 15, 2013

Project 52- Halfway through the year and I couldn't make it. Weeks 26-27

It's always been hard for me after my 'breaks' to resume blogging on a regular basis. There's so much I want to write about but feel so far behind and it's easier to not try to catch up.  So it's mid-July and I haven't even posted yet this month.  I have tons of birthday posts coming up and updates on how we've been spending our summer.  And although I'm way behind in the Project 52, I'm determined and although I'm not caught up and won't ever be, I'm going to continue to post my pics, if for no one else, but myself. 

Week 26 (halfway through) (June 23-29).   I actually didn't do so bad- 5 out of 7 days.

What a fun surprise- Gage's friend from school at swim class!

Ezra's 1st swim lesson

The dreaded Exersaucer plus magnets equals 5 mins. of getting something done.

Guess who's shorts are whos?

Puddin' face


After bath
Week 27 (June 30- July 6)- yay!  Another 5 days.

Hard at work

Water Table

Happy 4th of July- my baby's last 1st holiday

Bali shirt courtesy of Uncle B



Party of Five said...

They are both so handsome. Glad your enjoying Summer and keeping busy. Life seems to never slow down with little ones running around. :)

WeeMasonMan's Mom said...

That gymnastics picture is CRAZY!

And I totally hear you on falling behind and being way too overwhelmed to catch up, which then hinders blogging going forward. I've actually been toying with throwing some EASTER pictures up, entirely because I'm bummed I didn't do so, ya know, in APRIL.

Whether you think it or not, you're still rocking your photo a day thing!

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