Saturday, May 7, 2011

What I've Been Up To...

I'm not very motivated to write- not sure I have any news to share, but since I haven't blogged in a while, I'll let you guys all know what I've been up to the last few days.

This week at school, really all month at school, is always crazy.  With SOL's (state tests, for those of you not in VA) looming, the pressure is on.  Working in a high school, kids' graduation depends on these very tests and being a math teacher make it even worse.  Typically, Geometry is the lowest score each year and can prevent our school from getting state recognized.  In addition to that, as you know I'm a special education teacher, so that in itself presents its own challenges.  So needless to say, I am drained at the end of every day and counting down the days 'til testing is over (1st week of June) when I can hopefully bask in my success!  I've been staying late at work so Gage and I usually only have about an hour of play time by the time I get home before dinnner.  It sucks, but it will be over soon and I know he loves his daycare so it makes me feel a little better.

In other news, this morning, Gage had his 1st experience with a babysitter!  Since Gage didn't know Shari, we decided that the 1st few times they hung out we'd be around just to make sure he was comfortable.  Gage doesn't usually have stranger anxiety but every now and then it happens and I'd hate to think I'd just leave him with someone he doesn't know and walk away.  But as soon as Shari got the wagon out, he was all hers.  Luke's and my project of the day was to clean out our garage.  You know, all of the boxes that we put there 3 years ago when we moved in and said we'd get to later.....well, now is later.  Anyway, we obviously couldn't do it with Gage running around so we figured it would be a good opportunity to get Shari on over so they could get comfortable with one another.  Mission accomplished:  You should see the pile of trash in our garage, in fact, I might take a picture of it before the night's over.  Funny thing is, today was our community yard sale and we clearly didn't get our garage cleaned out in time to sell anything, but there were TONS of cars driving by really slow watching our garage cleaning attempt and searching for our trash pile.  Anyway. Shari and Gage had fun, and Gage loved that she played outside with him for a whole 2.5 hours! 

After our cleaning fit was over, Luke took me to Bed Bath and Beyond to buy me a Keurig I have been eyeing!  I'm pretty excited about my Mother's Day gift, although I asked for something else;)  (More on that later.)

Finally, I'd like to wish my my Mom a very Happy Mother's Day tomorrow!  I think she's probably at the beach house enjoying the beautiful weather, so I'm sure she's not complaining.  Anyway, thanks for everything,, I love you and I'll talk to you tomorrow!


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CarliAlice @ GG2Life said...

It was our subdivision yard sale today too. I never participate. I'm not much of a collector of things and have a tendencsy to get rid of things I don't need throughout the year. I was considering going to look at what others have but decided not to spend the money. I hope you make it through the end of the school year!
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Clayton Thomas said...

As a former teacher, I can appreciate the struggles of teaching. I hope your Mother's Day is going well!


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