Monday, May 30, 2011

Couch 2 5K: Week 2

Ok, so I have completed Week 2 of the C25K program....sorta.  See, in my last post I mentioned that I got through part of Week 2 and then got this week was my do over week.  Well this week, much crappy weather got in the way of being able to run as much as I wanted, so I only was able to get in 2 runs.  However, b/c I did one before I got bronchitis, I am cheating a little and saying that I finished Week 2.  At least I'm being honest w/ the Internet world and saying that I'm cheating, but there are a few reasons for it.

One, I wasn't struggling at all to finish the 90 seconds.  I felt good about it and felt that I could've gone a little further each time.  Two, I would've actually finished this week by running tomorrow night too, but they have already issued a heat advisory starting tomorrow at noon and lasting through the night until Tuesday night.  The actual temperatures are supposed to be upper 90's, breaking 100 on Tuesday and heat indices in the 105's......therefore, I will not be running.  I'm not hardcore like all.  I ran tonight when it was in the 80's and I thought I was pretty badass.  Anyway, thirdly, I don't want to do Week 2 AGAIN, for the 3rd time, because I honestly do think I can handle Week 3.  So, I guess we'll see.  And if I'm wrong, I will gladly go back to Week 2 and if this takes me all damn summer, than so be it.

One thing I do want to mention if you are interested at all in doing this- I found a running podcast on iTunes.  Apparently, there are many, but I just came across a pretty popular one and have used it.  The idea is that it tells you when to run/walk with a voice prompt and you don't have to check any kind of device for time, which is KEY for me.  When I used to do this at the gym, I would constantly stare at the clock on the treadmill and it would drive me nuts and this time I was trying to stare at my cell phone while I ran down the street.  This way, I have NOTHING to look at and just run until they tell me to stop.  It's a good thing for me.  Maybe not for others.  The one thing I will say is that on this particular podcast,  the music sucks.  But again, it's worth it to me because of the voice prompts.  I have heard it's not hard to make one of your own as far as putting in voice prompts, but I personally don't have the time for that right now.  Hell, I barely have the time to run!  So, there you have it....Week 2- check!

I will be beginning Week 3 hopefully Wednesday evening.  Wish me luck, since I'm a cheater!

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Heather said...

If Week 2 is too easy, then you're not cheating if you ask me. Good luck this week. I've been getting up at 7 on my off days to beat the heat. It's crazy. We definitely started at the wrong time... these Texas summers are going to kill me! hahaha

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