Tuesday, May 10, 2011

It's gone...

I have lost my momentum to writing a great post about my Mother's Day weekend....ha, that's what workin' will do to you.  I often have this problem...

I'll just say I got to sleep in on Mother's Day, which I am always grateful for, Daddy helped Gage color me a picture and I got to hang w/ my two favorite men, so that was good enough for me.  I also got to go shopping and got some pretty good deals at New York and Company.  I literally think my brain is fried since I had a few other comments to make, but can't even remember them now.

Oh yes, the other part of my Mother's Day gift that I had mentioned earlier in another post.  I told Luke months ago that all I wanted for Mother's Day was professional family pictures and not professional like Target/Picture People, but real pictures for more than likely a REAL price.  Anyway, I think I have found the photographer I'd like to work with and I'm pretty excited.  The pictures aren't for another 6 weeks, but that'll give me time to decide what I really want and where I really want them.

I don't think this week could creep by any slower. Tomorrow I get to have dinner with an old friend I haven't seen in a while though so that should be fun. And tonight I'll leave you w/ a few pictures of myself and my little man taken yesterday at his school.

This is the cute one, but you can't read his shirt.

Here's a better one of the shirt, but not of him.

ha...this is the little slide at school, but the angle makes it look huge!

P. S.  Remembered my other thought....I'm redecorating Gage's bathroom, monkey or dinosaurs?  Any opinions?

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