Monday, May 23, 2011

Couch 2 5k Running Program

This was a program that I began back in Jan/February of 2009.  I was going to finally 'learn' to run.  Now don't get me wrong, I didn't think I was going to run in a marathon or anything, but I did want a sense of accomplishment in training for something and finishing I set my sights low....on a 5k.  It was fine, it was going to be enough for me and I was excited to see how I could progress from being able to not run at all, to actually running a few miles at a time.  Plus, running is quick exercise that keeps you in good shape AND you can do it anywhere and not have to have a membership to a gym.  In Feb. of 2009, I did have a gym membership and liked to change up my routine frequently as not to get bored and since it was cold outside I used their treadmills to begin my Couch25K. 

Anyway, fast forward a month later...I found out I was pregnant and never ran again....ha.  I know, I know, I didn't have to quit altogether, but I mean starting a new fitness program/routine isn't exactly the best choice when you just find out you are having a baby.  So needless to say, there went my Couch25K....I was up to running 2 miles alone, so I always said I'd return one day.

Today is the day.........or rather a few weeks back was the day.  As much as I have wanted to, I have not worked out since March of 2009 when I first found out I was pregnant.  I mean, I have taken Gage on plenty of walks, etc., but never have I truly worked out for myself again.  I have said- when he's 6 months, when he's a year, etc....but, there's always something else to do and I have found it really hard.  Even after he goes to bed, which is early, there's always something to do around the house, rather than work out.  Anyway, enough of my rambling....I AM BACK.  hah...Heather over at Life with the Ardies (can we say cutest kid ever??) mentioned something in her blog that she wanted to begin a running program and was looking for some support.......I gladly stepped up to the plate and thought that with the 2 of us motivating each other, we were bound to succeed! 

I got through the 1st week easily and was about to get into the 2nd week when I got I am actually beginning Week 2 over again starting tomorrow.  I figure if it takes me longer than the 9 weeks it's supposed to, that's ok, I just want to reach the goal. I am- I have committed now to the Internet world to get this thing  going, so let's hope it works out!  Heather is already on Week 3, so I'm a little behind, but again, as long as I finish....

Now, I know some of you, 'runners' are laughing at me because I'm trying to 'train' for a 5k....but I'm telling you, running has never been my thing so it's still a pretty big deal for me.  Wish me luck!  Or at least wish that I'll get off my butt and get back into some kind of exercise program!  (Other than Billy Blanks on OnDemand!)

Anyone care to join?


WeeMasonMan's Mom said...

Good luck!!!

I attempted to start C25k last week and didn't even survive Day 1! I'm hoping to try again this week and this time use my inhaler beforehand and not attempt it pushing a stroller and hope that makes a difference!!

Kelly Van Vliet said...

Yay! So excited to hear!! And believe me, there is nothing silly about "training" for a 5k! It's the way to get in shape without pushing yourself too far too fast and hurting yourself. Not to mention that a 5k is a HUGE accomplishment!! Let me know if you have any questions or need any words of encouragement. I hope to be back running in just a few months myself so maybe we can run in a 5k together one day :)

Heather said...

Love Love!!!!! Glad to hear you're doing well! I think I'll be repeating some more weeks though b/c I BARELY was able to run my 3-min stretch today. And they want me to run for a straight 5 next week?!?!?!?!?! I'm so glad we're doing this together though! You really have been motivating me, believe it or not! So keep up the good work and we'll get through this together!!!

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