Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Celebrations All Around!

This past weekend I went home to my parents' house to visit. Although it had been quite a while since Gage had seen his Grandparents, the real reason I went was to celebrate my very best friend from high school having her 1st baby in July!  I am so excited for her and her husband and had a really nice time celebrating with her at her shower and just catching up in general.  As you can see from the picture, she looks great to be 7 months along!

Me and Kelly, April 30, 2011

Gage also got to spend time with his Nana, Granddiddy and Auntie, so all in all it was a good weekend.

Then came Sunday, when the events of 9/11 came full circle and Osama bin Laden was killed!  A man who had caused such great pain and hardship to our country was finally located and murdered after 10 years!  September 11, 2011 is still fresh in my mind 10 years later, and fortunately, not because I knew any victims, but just because I think it was one of the 1st defining moments for our country in my 'adult' years that I can recall.  Regardless, I think his death is good closure for all those affected and for all citizens in general.  Thank you to all who serve and have served in our country's military and risk your lives so that we may live our lives to our discretion!  And man, can you imagine being in that Navy Seals group?  Wow...is all I can say!

Also, today one of my best friends and Matron of Honor in my wedding welcomed her third child, but first daughter into the world!  Baby Estelle was born this afternoon and I can already tell she will be spoiled rotten!  Her 2 big brothers don't know what is about to hit them.  Congratulations Malisa and John!

Another family friend's little girl turned 4 today!  Happy Birthday Evie, you're such a big girl now!

P.S.  I have no idea why these pictures look so crappy!


Kerri said...

Love the pictures...you're so cute! And, of course, so is Gage. :)

I also agree with your bin Laden sentiments. I've seen too many blog posts lately asking why we're celebrating his death, isn't that cruel, etc. Um, no. Not cruel at all. Good riddance to him.

Kelly said...

Thanks again for coming last weekend!! It was so good to see you & your Mom and of course Gage & Luke too!! Hope to see you again soon!

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