Tuesday, May 17, 2011

18 month well check

Yesterday I took my little munchkin (literally) to the doc for his year and a half checkup.  I was a little nervous when making my question list b/c we won't visit again for a well check for 6 MORE MONTHS!  What?  You mean,  I have to figure out this terrible two's thing on my own??  Oh Lord...we'll see how that goes.  Anyway, the appointment went much better than the last when he got the dreaded MMR vaccine.  In any case, I didn't have too many concerns this time, so maybe that's why.  I did remember a few things after I left that I might email about.  Without further ado, Gage's 18 month stats are:

21lbs. 5oz. (5th %ile)
31 ins. (10th %ile)
head circumference in the 50th %ile!  woo hoo!

So yes, Gage is small and that's fine with us....what I am not fine with is the 12 mo. summer clothes that I bought him about a mo. ago that he can barely fit in now.  Somehow his belly and legs are growing exponentially.  We thought we had found a good fit in 12-18 mo. clothes from Old Navy and now realize we might be going back to 18 mo. Carters/Target....which is ok, b/c it's on the cheaper end. 

Anyway, we discussed discipline a bit, the way he walks (bowlegged), his diet, getting rid of the Nuk, when to go to a toddler bed, etc.  Nothing out of the ordinary and she seemed pleased with him overall.  I'm a little nervous not getting advice from her for the next 6 months, but luckily she's available by email, so I'll try to limit it to only one 21 month email!  ha.  So our little man is doing fine and learning new things every day!  All in all, a 'well' check up this time...........if you don't count breaking down on the way home and having to pay $500 for a new alternator.....

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Casey Jensen said...

I just bought Finn 12-18 month shorts from Old Navy. All of C.J.'s summer clothes were 18 months so they are too big. I am still putting the shirts on him but the shorts would fall right off. Too bad we're not closer because I would just let you borrow them.

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