Friday, February 25, 2011

15 month well check up (a week late)

I mentioned in my post over the weekend that we had our 15 month well check up last week.  'Well' is a relative word, it seems.  I didn't think it went 'well' at all.  I'm pretty sure that Gage didn't think it went 'well' either.  Anyway, the doctor wasn't too concerned that Gage didn't walk yet.  She said at this point, he just had to be check that off.  Although, I do feel like he should be walking, since EVERYONE else his age is and his moving up to the toddler room in 2 weeks depends on it.  Oh well, no stress for now...alot can change in 2 weeks.

Of course going into the appointment I was pretty proud of my 'I-have-30-words' 15 month old.  I mean, he isn't walking, so I gotta be proud of something, right?  I was going to be proud that he knew 5-6 body parts and that he repeats just about everything we say.....but then, the dr. didn't even ask, didn't even care that he could say anything, other than Mommy and Daddy.  Which, as you all know, he doesn't say Mommy.  29 other things, but not Mommy....well he says 'Bobby' when he sees a picture of me, but does not call me by name or call for me....ever.  Boy, did that take the wind out of my sails!

On to the stats....Every time we go, Gage get this little sticker that says "I've Grown..." and I've saved them all in the front of his baby book.  He got one this time; however, it's a little funny, b/c he hadn't actually all, in fact, he lost weight.  At 15 months, Gage weighs 20 lbs., 5 oz., and is 29 3/4 ins. tall.  Officially teeny!  I was super concerned b/c he hadn't gained anything, but b/c he's so short too, the dr. explained that he's proportional and that unless I want a fat kid, it's ok that he hasn't gained weight.  She said he was probably following in his Daddy's footsteps and would most likely be short and small for good. 

The part that didn't go so 'well' was the shots!  As I think most people would agree the MMR shot is the DEVIL!  My poor child was sick for 3 days w/ a fever and just feeling like general crap.  It sucked.  I had NO idea it was going to be that bad.  He hadn't reacted to any of his other shots like that.  And silly me, got it confused with the DTaP vaccine and thought it was a series he had already had one of.  I won't be blindsided again.  I can't believe I hadn't heard from anyone else how bad it was. And to think that some kids get it at a year!  Not that he was any heavier now, but a year is sooo young to get hit that hard w/ the shots.  Plus he had to get 2 more AND they gave them to him in his twiggy little arms instead of his fat legs.  He SCREAMED like it hurt and I just felt awful. Anyway, I will forever dread and hate the MMR- at least I have a good 3 years before he has to get it again.  I think that's everything.  Have a wonderful weekend. Happy Friday.

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~Jamie Kubeczka~ said...

Amy, not to worry. My son didn't start walking until around 15-16 months. He was a late walker. All my neices and nephews were walking by like 10 months! I thought that was crazy. It will come sooner than later and then you had better watch out!

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