Friday, February 4, 2011

A fever, AGAIN= no beach, AGAIN

Alas, we were supposed to take off work on Monday and have a nice weekend in the OBX to celebrate my Mom's birthday....we should've known that wouldn't happen.  grrr....After last week's run-in w/ the stomach flu, Gage woke up Thurs. am w/ a 102 degree fever.  As he does when he has a fever, he acted no differently all day, played normally, ate normally and overall didn't seem like it bothered him too much; however, the fever hung on.  So....being that I'm a responsible;) mother, I couldn't send him to day care today w/ a fever (although some parents do) and b/c Luke took off yesterday, I had to be home today.  All fine and well, except that I was going to take the day off on Monday instead so we could watch the Super Bowl in the OBX and drive home in no traffic on Monday.  WRONG!  B/c I took the day off today, Luke and I decided that we couldn't take Monday too, so once again, beach trip canceled!  Luke says Gage doesn't like the beach.  This is the 2nd time we've canceled a beach trip in the last 2 months b/c he's been sick.  In any case, I will keep on trying....I have got to get some OBX time in soon.  Our next plan is for President's Day weekend, wish us luck!

Happy Friday!  Have a stellar weekend.

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