Friday, March 4, 2011

A Week of Firsts...

This first week of March has been a long one, but a productive one.  Gage has hit a few 'milestones' this week and it's just amazing to me, as I always say, how much he is learning every day.  On Tuesday, Gage had his first REAL haircut, not just Mommy and Daddy chopping off long strands in the bathtub.  He did awesome and looks so handsome!  He doesn't have much hair, but it sure looks better now that it's even and not in his face.

We also had a much needed playdate this week, not a 1st, but definitely still fun!  I'm sure you remember Sawyer from last summer.  Sawyer 10 mos., Gage 16 mos.

As of this week, Gage is officially walking.  He walks all the way across the room and is walking to get  to places now, not just b/w couches, tables, to toys, etc.  Gage is transitioning into the toddler room the week after next in daycare and has to be able to walk in order to do this....we were worried he would be delayed.  We are feeling less nervous now and his new teachers have even been in the baby classroom to spend time with him this week.

Although vocabulary is nothing new for Gage, he has made quite a few strides this week.  I stopped posting how many words he has b/c it was getting out of hand and I couldn't keep up, but some of his new ones this week are 'really?', 'stop', 'clock' and my personal favorite, after getting his hair cut and having someone hold the door open for us....'thank you'.  I have to say I was pretty shocked.  Another vocab first and probably more exciting than thank you, Gage said 'Bobby' today when I came home!  Nothing like a day w/ your Daddy to miss your 'Bobby';)  (As you all know, Gage hasn't said Mommy yet to me and also can't say a 'b' sound.  But hearing Bobby today was pretty exciting since it was a first!)
Gage seems to also be understanding alot more as of late.  He obviously has good expressive language skills and uses his words in context, however, I was a little worried about his receptive language.  He wasn't able to point at things in books when I asked him or didn't seem to understand when I said 'bring me this or that'.  He always pointed and named things, but wouldn't do it if I said 'point to the star....'.  This week he has started to do it, it takes him a few seconds to process what I ask, but he is damn accurate when he does respond.  Yesterday I asked him to point to Mommy and after a few seconds, he turned around, pointed right at me and said 'Bobby!'
Finally, probably not a 'milestone', but we still think it's pretty darn cute, Gage can now tell you what a duck, cow, pig, cat, sheep, elephant and snake say.  The snake and elephant are my personal favorites.  I'm hoping to get it on video soon.  Have a wonderful weekend. 


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