Monday, March 28, 2011

What a Wonderful Weekend!

*Warning:  This post contains LOTS of pictures.*

I left off last, last Wednesday was a long time ago, when Gage was still sick.  Luckily, after being seen by both the pediatrician and ENT on Wednesday and a few rough days at daycare, we finally have a well baby!  In the interim, we also had a visit from the Grandparents and Old Man Winter. 

This weekend my parents came to visit.  With them, they brought the wagon they bought Gage for Christmas. We couldn't fit it in the car on the way home and it was pretty  much too cold to use it before now anyway, so we were really looking forward to the weekend.  Last weekend was beautiful and we couldn't wait to get outside and play.  Unfortunately, Mother Nature didn't want to cooperate as much this weekend and the high was expected to reach only about 50. We were pretty disappointed but because it was so sunny, we decided to take a risk and head outside to play, even if it was barely 50 degrees.  Boy, did we have a blast!  I am so glad that we decided to head out and Gage definitely had a wonderful weekend with his Grandma and G'Diddy! 

Loungin' in his new wagon

Ready for some off roadin'

Sidewalk chalk!
We hadn't planned much for the weekend since it was going to be cold, but we decided we had to get out of the house.  We thought about trying to find some sort of feed and seed store where Gage could see baby bunnies or chicks, but with no luck.  I actually came across a blog Go Out and Play! from a Mom in my area that fills other Moms in on all of the around town happenings.  That's how we found out about the 1st weekend of an Easter Festival in our area.

A farm not too far from us was hosting an Easter Festival that looked like it had tons of fun for little ones.  It definitely didn't disappoint.  Of course we can see that Gage would have a total blast there in a few years, we still enjoyed ourselves.  Because it was chilly, there were very few people there and Gage had acres and acres of room to run around.  There were slides and playground equipment to play on, as well as many tunnels to climb through and tractors and trucks to look at.  There were monster slides for older kids and lots of sweet treats, too.  There was a fire pit to make S'mores, but much to my husband's dismay, the cotton candy machine was shut down, due to lack of traffic:( We can't wait to go back next year!

Gage LOVED the slide!

Can you tell?  This was his face every time he went down!  Hilarious!

Baby Goats

 Lots of tunnels to climb through

Gage and Mommy on the hayride

Along the hayride they had many cutouts of different animals....from turkey to dinosaurs!  Pretty funny!
 We also had another visitor this weekend- Old Man Winter!  Don't ask me where it came from, but it definitely snowed Sunday morning!  Gage was so excited to be able to wear  his Thomas boots. We bought them for him a while back but he never learned to walk before the snow was gone.  So, although Gage has seen plenty of snow in his short life, this is the 1st time that he has been able to stomp around in it.  And as you can see, he is more than thrilled!  Funny that it melted less than 10 minutes later.

My first snow stompin'

Look at me, Daddy!
Other pictures from our weekend.  Thanks Grandma and G'Diddy, we had such a great time!

Mommy, Gage (16 months) and Grandma

One of Gage's new favorite activities

Gage's Easter present from Grandma and G'Diddy

Gage put himself in this box
Playin' ball with Grandma

 And finally, my new favorite picture!

  Hope you enjoyed!

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Casey Jensen said...

Hey Amy. Here is a link for my pediatricians medicine/dosage chart. Benadryl is all the way down at the bottom. Also you can ask the pharmacist for a little medicine syringe thingy to give it to them instead of using the cup.

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