Monday, March 14, 2011

16 months!

Dearest Gage,

You are 16 months old today and my, how you've grown in the last 2 months!  You are officially a 'toddler' now that you can walk- and walk everywhere, at that.  You even went out to the playground w/ the walker class today and they said you did great!  This week you transition into the 'big boy' classroom.  I am worried b/c you are soo soo little and most of the boys in the class will be turning 2 in May.  They are literally running circles around you!  I am hoping you will learn quick.  I have a feeling I have some accident reports in my future. 

Since you are officially a big boy now, Daddy and I will be turning your carseats around this weekend so you can sit front ways.  I think you finally broke the 21lb. mark.  I wanted to wait as long as I could and probably should wait much later, but I think you will enjoy your new big boy view.  Since your last letter (I know, it's been 60 days), the tubes have worked WONDERS. What people say is true!  Not that I would've asked for tubes and surgery for my little guy for no reason, but within a week of getting the tubes you started to sleep through the night and have only been up once or twice since then.  It has been amazing and I'm sure you are much happier.  Now we just have teeth to contend with.  You are getting your 5th tooth in at 16 months.  You are also down to 1 nap a day, mostly b/c the 'big boy' room at daycare is forcing it upon us.  With only one nap a day, unfortunately your new bed time is around 630pm during the week.  You are an expert at your bottle now, which is old news at this point.  You appetite is growing a little, but you still hate veggies and chicken.  You are on a hummus kick and love to eat it with crackers.  You still love yogurt, applesauce, bananas, waffle, turkey and grilled cheese sandwiches.  You like pasta now also, which might be a way for me to sneak in some veggies, too.

You are still wearing your 12 month clothes and they are getting pretty old.  You've been wearing them for over 6 months now!  You are getting longer and I think you might be able to start wearing some 12-18 month clothes, but probably not 18 mo. quite yet.  I bought you some for the summer, hopefully you'll be able to wear them by then.  You are right under 2 1/2 feet tall and according to our scale here, you weigh 21lbs. 3oz.  You're probably still a bit under 21lbs., but we won't tell anyone!  We have been getting outside a lot lately, which you LOVE and going to the playgrounds to play.  I can't wait to take you to different parks this summer and watch you learn to navigate them.  You went down the slide all by yourself yesterday at the park and you thought it was grand!  You still LOVE to read and now will bring us books to read to you.  You love to listen to music, as always and will now sign it when you want to hear some.  Your new favorite toy is the cardboard box that your table/chairs came in and you still love Biscuit and your Fridge Farm.  Your newest thing though is to throw mini temper tantrums.  You have discovered your opinion and now sometimes will be quite dramatic if you don't get your way.  You also have become a bit attached to Mommy and Daddy and sometimes cry when we leave.

Your vocabulary grows every day and you have way more than 30 words now.  I swear you say something new every day.  Your latest attempts (although far from the actual words, are butterfly and dinosaur).  You can say 'please' and 'thank you' and 'teacher'.  You pretty much ask for what you want, which makes life a lot easier, for sure.  Your favorite past time is taking a bath and you ask for one every day now.  You've been on a pretty good run lately and haven't been too sick. You had a small bout with another stomach flu in Feb., but other than that have been fairly healthy.  You have been super snotty the last few days and still drool like a faucet.  We've had a few play dates lately and I hope they'll be more plentfiul as the weather gets nicer.  I can't wait until we can pull you in your new wagon.  (Grandma and Grandiddy are bringing it up in a few weeks).

It's crazy to think that the next time I write this letter, you will be a year and a half!  Where has the time gone?  You will be SO BIG by then.  In the next few months, I hope to get you out to the park more, take you on your 1st non-OBX vacation and take you to the circus for the 1st time!  I'm sure there will be so many more 1sts coming up this summer.  Gage, I love you with all my heart and as always, you amaze us each and every day.  Only 3 more months 'til we can spend another awesome summer together!  Ahh, the memories!

Love, Bobby

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