Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Last Few Weeks

I have really enjoyed doing my Project 52 pictures every week.  It's definitely made me take more pictures of our every day life and appreciate the little moments.  I also think it'll be fun at the end of the year to go back and see how the kids grew week by week.  It also helps me to keep up with blogging once a week, even if it's just to show pictures.  So, let me think what we've been up to lately.
Luke's sister and her family visited last week.  Sloane is exactly one week younger than Ezra and it was great to get them together. They live in Austin and obviously we don't have many opportunities.  It was nice of them to bite the bullet and travel up here w/ a new baby.  Our plan is to go out there this summer, but right now just wasn't feasible w/ my not being able to take off any more work before June.  We got some really cute shots of Ezra and Sloane checking each other out.  Gage had a blast playing with Uncle Mark and Aunt Annie as well.


Also, I posted about 2.5 weeks ago that we started solids with Ezra.  Well, he hates it, people.  He really does.  I've never met an almost 6 month old baby that doesn't want to eat.  It kinda stresses me out.  I mean he just screams when we try to feed him and spits everything back at us.  It almost appears he doesn't know how to eat.  However, this kid puts EVERYTHING in his mouth, and I mean everything.  Tonight he wouldn't even attempt to eat b/c he was too busy eating his bib.  He could sit for an hour probably and just chew on one toy.  I mean, I guess this is normal.  I dunno, Gage never did it.  Do other people have puppies for babies?  It's just kinda weird to me.  He literally will chew on my face and anything that comes within inches of his mouth.

Ezra has his 1st cold, which always sucks.  Noone wants to see their baby sick.  I was pretty sick for the last 2 weeks and he felt really crummy on Monday.  Seems to be a little better today but was pretty hard to entertain on our day off.  Good thing the Gov't was closed too, I might have been crazy trying to entertain him all day alone.

We have a jam packed March so I have a feeling the rest of the month will go by fast!  Hopefully I'll have time to post here and there.  I was supposed to take my 'September Break' sometime this Spring, but hasn't happened yet.  April, maybe? 


Kerri said...

Yes! I have a puppy baby too. Anything & everything goes into her mouth for a chew. I don't remember Camden doing this, but he didn't get a tooth until he was almost 1, so I'm wondering if hers will come in sooner?

Sorry about the solids. Macey wasn't interested for a couple of weeks but I just kept trying & recently she has been a lot more interested.

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