Thursday, January 12, 2012

Snow 2011

First off, let me say that I'm pretty darn frustrated with Blogger. I know for a fact that I specifically checked to see if my Wordless Wednesday post was labeled 'scheduled' or 'draft' and sure enough it was 'scheduled' as of last night and sure enough today, I had to go and pull it out of cyberspace and post it again because the status had been changed to 'draft'. Why does this happen to me? Anyone else have this problem??

Anyway, back to my original post. I call it 'Snow 2012' because tomorrow it's supposed to be 60 and who knows if we'll ever see snow again this Winter. Monday called for 40% of rain and a high in the low 40's. About 1130am some of my kids noticed that it had started to snow, but we're talking you could maybe if you looked really closely, see some white stuff falling from the sky. Not really considered snow, but since we haven't seen any at all this Winter, the kids thought it close enough. Anyway, it proceeded to 'snow' for quite some time, only making the ground a little wet. By dismissal though, at 2pm, actual large snowflakes were beginning to fall and it was sticking a little to the grass. Of course the kids were excited, they're always excited about snow!

By 3pm and the time I left work to pick up Gage, it was snowing the most beautiful large snowflakes ever. You know, the kind that you can look straight up at and see them falling and it was hanging on the trees just perfectly. Really, awesomely, pretty. Too bad I had no camera. By the time I got Gage and came home it was starting to stick to everything and was soo soo pretty. I couldn't wait to let Gage play in his 1st snow ever (that he can actually play in). We ran in and got his snow boots and went to play on the back deck, if nothing else, to see the huge flakes falling from the sky. It was breathtaking.  Anyway, I busted out my old point and shoot and ran outside to snap some good pictures of Gage's 1st snow.  Just an inch, but snow is snow, especially to a 2 year old.  I wanted so badly to get out my new camera, but was so scared of getting it messed up....the snow was the real wet kind. I'll break here to ask if any of my DSLR camera friends know of anything to protect cameras in the snow, or if it's no big deal if they get a little damp, etc.?? I need suggestions! I.will.not. miss another snow with my good camera. Once Luke got hoome (thankfully early, that day to play) I was able to take some pictures from inside the house and the porch with my DSLR and catch some pretty awesome snowflakes. I wish I could've gotten closer to Gage....maybe I'll risk it next time.

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