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A Year here at We're In For It....

Although it's not original anymore and it seems to be more of a norm, I still wanted to take a look back at my year and the significant events I blogged about, therefore being some of the more important days in our year.  It was pretty fun to read through the blog and to remember things that seem like forever ago.

In 2010, instead of writing Gage monthly letters, I wrote him one every other month, at 14, 16, 18, 20, 22 months and of course for his 2nd birthday in November. 

January brought Gage's 1st words caught on video and his 1st and hopefully last surgery for quite a while.  At 14 months old, Gage got tubes put in his ears that to this day, he still has.  Gage stood for the 1st time alone and therefore got his 1st pair of big boy shoes.  Our area made National news because of the most awful commute EVER, we had more snow days, of course (you need to catch up 2012!) and dealt with our 2nd round of the stomach flu. Gage also knew around 25 words at 14 months old.  We were still having the sippy cup battle, but had a breakthrough at the end of the month.  It's funny that when going back and reading these posts, I mentioned that Gage would probably never be a big milk drinker.  It's still true a year later.  He's not milk's biggest fan.

Februrary consisted of another beach trip canceled, a funny conversation with one of my students and fun link up to Living Like the Kings.  The HUGE news was that Gage started walking at 15 months! We finally  made it to the beach and Gage had his 15 month appointment that I will never forget and got to visit the aquarium.  We also found a really sweet park (one that we sadly have not been back to).  And Gage showed us his muscles

In March Gage had a bunch of 1sts, including his 1st handsome haircut....one of which he could use right now.  He also moved up to the toddler room at daycare.  We were so nervous when he moved up, we had no idea how much he/we would LOVE the teachers.  I posted about a commerical that cracked me up and posted a flashback picture.  Gage checked out the Victoria's Secret magazine, got a Power Wheels and was super sick....again.  Nana and Grandiddy came to visit and we found an awesome Easter festival.  We got to see a great movie (a rarity these days) and I got to see a peacock spread his feathers!

April brought an awesome Spring Break trip in Wilmington, NC.  Ever since we've gotten back, I've been dying to return.  We also took Gage to the circus for the 1st time.  We celebrated Sawyer's birthday and Gage's 2nd Easter.  I got my much sought after jogging stroller, which I still love.  Gage said his 1st 2 word sentence at 17 months.  I actually did a little yard work and Gage learned to count to 10!

May was a slow month on the blog because it was a busy month at work.  Gage turned a whole year and a half old!  There were many celebrations- baby showers, births and Mothers' Days.  Gage had his 1st experience with a babysitter other than my parents.  Gage said 'I love you' for the 1st time and went on a job interview.  Gage had his 18 month appointment and he was still small.  I started the Couch 2 5K running program that I have not yet completed 8 months later.  We enjoyed a beautiful weekend at the beach with friends.

The year was only half over in June.  But I was so excited to be getting out of school and getting to spend 10 weeks as a SAHM.  Gage started Little Gym classes and I completed Week 3  and 4 of the C25K running program.  Nana and Grandiddy came up and Luke and I got to enjoy a date night of the Melting Pot and Bridesmaids.  We also started our search for our new car.  Gage and I got to enjoy a perfect few days at the beach and I continued to study for my Praxis test that I failed by 3 points.  I got to hang with 2 of my best buds and their families (our sons are all the same age).  I didn't know it at the time, but it was the last time we would all work together.
I posted the most in July of course, because I had way more time without my job.  Only missed 7 days all month.  I failed the Couch 25K running program, just 2 months after I started.  I took the dreaded Praxis test and FAILED.  We bought our awesome new car and broke our 4th of July tradition.  My BFF and old roomie and I began our Dawson's marathon (we are only on Season 2 still).  We saw a few summer concerts and Gage turned 20  months old!  We lost our babysitter battle and I ended my month having a playdate over at The Life of Rylie and Bryce Too.....  Ha....seems like I failed at more than one thing this month.  And most of this month's blogging revolved around me and not Gage.

August was the month of beach trips and some interesting ones to say the least.  It was almost time to go back to school and end my summer with my little man.  We celebrated one of Gage's good friends 2nd birthdays.  Gage found a stuffed animal that he adored.  Gage got another, cuter haircut.  Luke and I celebrated our 4 year annivesary and I hosted another Carmex giveaway.

September is always a busy month for me and for the last 2 years I have taken a 'September Break' and not posted anything other than pictures, a letter to Gage and birthdays (which seem to be plentiful).  However, reading through my September this year it sure does look like I had quite a thing or two to say.  In September, Gage also turned 22 months old.  I posted pictures of our semi-annual beach trip and our trip to Chesapeake.

October brought Halloween and all its fun.  Gage had a great time this year dressing up in his homemade Mickey Mouse costume.  The  month off of blogging really took it out of me but I finally got our 19 month photo shoot pictures posted.  We also attended Gage's Auntie Ann's wedding and Gage was the ring bearer.  Gage's language exploded and he was talking in 8-10 word sentences.  We took a trip to the pumpkin patch and I celebrated my 2 year blogiversary!  Also one of my childhood friends got to bring a sweet baby girl, Malia home from Russia for adoption.  It also snowed for the 1st and last time!

Holy Smokes!  November was a big month for us and for my blog!  In November, my sweet baby boy turned 2!  His birthday party was a week after his actual birthday and I was so overwhelmed with having a 2 year old I completely forgot to ever post pictures of it.  We traveled home to Chesapeake to be with family for Thanksgiving!  Gage got his 1st peek at his train table (thanks to Grandiddy).  My brother, Brian also came to visit and we surprised my Mom and Dad with an awesome dinner and Brian's presence.  I hosted another Carmex giveaway and finished up the month starting A Glimpse series.

Finally, December came and went in a flash.  I turned 31, we decorated our Christmas tree, Gage fell in love with Christmas lights and Grandma Sandi and Grandpa Steve came to visit.  It never snowed:( and we went to see Elmo Makes Music.  I finished up my Glimpse series and was proud of myself for blogging and photographing for 7 straight days.  My blog finally got a makeover a few months in the making!  Thanks again to Sheila!  Gage had 2 Christmases and New Year's was pretty uneventful.  Gage also had a blast at the Christmas parade.  I also entered my 1st, but hopefully  not my last photo challenge.

And there you have it ladies and gentlemen, 2010 in summary.  My goodness, that took a long time!  I've been working on this post for 3 days.  It was fun to go and take a look back, but I had no idea it would take so long to link up.  Next year I'll be doing a review in pictures or one event from each month.  And I'm writing this now so I'll remember that!  In any case, it's done and it's time to move on.  I don't even remember what other posts are in my queue!  Whew!  Until next time.

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