Friday, December 2, 2011

A Glimpse- Day 6

TGIF!  I love Fridays!  I didn't use to live for them as much as I do now, but this year's been a rough one.  On Fridays when I only teach 2 classes, I tend to get up a little later, I feel like I deserve an extra 10 mins. of sleep and I don't care if we're a little late since I have more than one planning period in my day.

510am- Alarm goes off, I get dressed.  Today in a staff shirt and I pull my hair back.  I rarely, if ever do my hair on a Friday, unless I'm going out after school, etc.

Today I'm in a staff shirt and because it's so cold in our office wear a hoodie over it.  Not real professional for my meeting after school today, but oh well.
By the time I get downstairs today it's almost time to get Gage up.  I make his milk and get his breakfast together, a waffle and yogurt. 
540am- Gage starts to talk and Daddy gets him up.  I go upstairs to pick out his clothes, because Luke dresses him in some crazy stuff sometime. 

Gage gets to put a new ornament on the advent tree this morning and of course wants to put more than one.....whatever floats his boat. 

He is a little whiny this morning and gets mad because we won't let him stare at the computer.  He reads and plays a bit.

Daddy leaves and I change Gage because he has already peed again.  I start to get us ready to leave and have to run upstairs to get a coat/gloves since it's all of 27 degrees.  I get back downstairs and realize that Gage has pooped.  It's already after 620 so we're definitely going to be late.  I run out to the car to start it so it can warm up.  I change him and then try to conquer the coat.  I swear I'll never buy my kid the kind of coat he has now again.  It's nice because it's double layer which means thick and has a zip out fleece but it takes forever to get his arms through!  The sleeve always split apart and it takes more than a few tugs to get his arms all the way through, not too mention the sleeves are too long so that doesn't help either.  That takes a good 5 mins.  Then he dilly dallys as we go down the stairs and then after putting him in the car, I still have to come back in to get diapers to take to school.  It's cold and even I wear a scarf and hat today.

We get to school 15 mins. late today and after dropping Gage off I still have to go back to the car to get the diapers I brought.  By this time it's already 7am and I have no chance of getting to school on time, so....I decide to go to CFA for breakfast.

I didn't pack a breakfast and will be late anyway, so I figure, what the hell? Wow, I bet you guys think I eat so well!!?  I'm actually pretty ashamed of all of our eating this week.  Oh well, I'm going to the grocery in the morning so next week we'll be good to go.

I get to work at 720am, just as the bell rings.  I get a few things done this morning with my planning and chat with some coworkers about nothing work related.  It's 830am before I know it and I have to go to my Physics class to give a test.  Usual test days would mean I'd get work done, but not with these kids....they are AWFUL, talk during the test, are disrespectful, have their cell phones out, etc.  I really cannot stand this class, can you tell?

By my planning period I'm already spent and get a whole lot of nothing done during 4th.  I had big plans, but instead I slack off.  I tend not to work hard on's a bad habit of mine.  I look up sweatshirts on our athletic site I want to buy, BS with coworkers, and plan a party we're having next week.  Yes, I'm the designated party planner.  I honestly spend a good hour doing NOTHING.  I chat with the guy next to me about his past relationships.....I talk with others on their lunches and find other ways to waste my time.  All while not eating lunch.  My dept. chair is going out later and says she'll get me something....yes, that's right, fast food twice in a day (is Panera considered fast food?)

1230-2pm- My last class of the day.  We have the same test but they are good, because they listen and take good notes.  They don't complain and don't act a fool.  I get some work done while they test.  It's 2pm and unfortunately like most Fridays I don't get to leave in 20 mins.

Once again after school today I have an IEP meeting.  This time I'm the designee and it's not one of my kids.  The IEP goes ok, the case manager is 10 minutes late and it sucks to have to entertain a parent when one of your teachers isn't ready.  It's 335pm and I'm just leaving school.  I'm going to get Gage and I'm angry it's so late and he's been at school since 645am.  At least Luke is getting home early today too.  I arrive to pick him up and he's in a different paint all over the one I put on him this morning.  Awesome, already ruined 2-3 brand new shirts this year at school.  It takes a miracle to get his blanket, tupperware, lovey, coat, water bottle and child out the door.  Of course he has to stop to look at the Christmas tree.

We get home at 4pm and play for a few minutes.  Daddy is home 5 mins. later.  Gage finds his drum he hasn't played with in a while and wants to play with blocks. 

We read a book and I ask him what he wants for dinner because we  need to feed him early tonight in order to go to our neighborhood celebration and to see Santa.  He gets mad because he thinks I want to stop reading RIGHT NOW.  I explain he has to eat early tonight to go see Santa and he runs towards the kitchen table yelling "peanut butter jelly".  He eats the whole sandwich, half a banana and half a pouch. 

It's 6pm tonight and the neighborhood is having their annual Holiday gathering, complete with Santa Claus, carriage rides, hot cocoa and apple cider.  Last year was the 1st night of the annual event and it was absolutely awesome as the snow fell from the sky right as it got dark.  I remember how cold it was last year, this year, not so much.  This was also where Gage met Santa for the 1st time last year- a picture that would grace our Christmas cards for 2010.  Let's just say Gage wasn't a big fan last year.  However, this year we've talked alot about Santa and he's excited to go meet him. I'm not sure how it'll end up but we pile in the car about a quarter to 6pm.  Last year we walked right in, got our picture with Santa and enjoyed the snow and music.  But oh my, when we get there this year the line is OUT OF THIS WORLD.  They are supposed to have a seperate line for babies under 2.  We were going to lie and say Gage would be 2 next week; however, when we get there they say 2 and under.  The place is a mess and it's so disorganized.  There are tons of people and they have a good turnout but we have to wait forever to see Santa.  Gage manages to hang in there and we look at lights and decorations on the way.

He is so excited to see Santa once we get in there and is overwhelmed with the lit reindeer, Christmas tree and other decorations. 

However, he walks right up to Santa and sits on his lap.....thinking nothing of it.  It's too bad we didn't get a picture of him looking at us, but needless to say he was still checking out the decorations. 

We were in and out in a minute without a good picture and it seemed anticlimactic to me, but....Gage did see Santa and did not cry, so maybe we'll actually get a good picture at the mall this year.

We play outside for a few minutes, run around and check out more decorations.

We look for Gage's friend, Logan and he's just now getting in the door, which means he has at least another half hour wait.  We leave around 650pm to head home, Gage is asking for his Nuk and Lovey. This is what we looked like last year at this event.

We get home, get changed for bed, read one book and I help him brush his teeth, he's in bed by a quarter after 7pm.

Can you tell how teeny Gage is from this picture?
Luke and I order....wait. for. it......wings for dinner!  Just reading this post makes me a little sick to my stomach, I swear I don't eat like this every week.  We pick up Gage's disaster while we wait for dinner.  The wings come way quicker than they ever have in the past.  We eat and watch football.  I shower and start looking on Snapfish for our Christmas cards for this year.  So many choices.  I am tired but am happy to know I get to sleep in in the morning.  Goodnight all!

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