Saturday, December 3, 2011

A Glimpse- Day 7

Here it is folks, the last of the Glimpse series.  I hope you all have enjoyed.  I'm not sure I'll ever be able to write again without telling you every detail and writing in stream of consciousness.  Ah well....

This morning my was my morning to sleep in, hurrah!  Gage woke up at 5am when I went in to tell him it was still the middle of the night and to go back to sleep.  He laid back down and we heard from him again at about 10 'til.  Luke got him up and brought him downstairs to entertain him while I got a few more hours of beauty sleep.  However, this particular morning they were very loud and I didn't really get all that much more sleep.  I did lay in bed; however, until 8am.  I got up to come downstairs and within 10 minutes Luke was upstairs showering so we could get ready for the Christmas parade this morning in town.  Gage and I put  another ornament on his advent tree and got ourselves dressed.

(Oh no, no picture of me today! What was I thinking?)  I was just so excited for Gage to go to his 1st parade. 

I always hear about the HUGE crowd that is so we decided to park at a friend's house that's about a 5 min. walk from downtown instead of trying to brave  the crowds.  We had a stroller and were able to walk over without a problem. We also got really lucky because it was around 40 this morning, as opposed to 20 or so that it's been in the past at the beginning of Dec.  We got there early because of said crowd but found somewhere close to sit to see the parade.  Apparently we missed the memo that everyone else got about bringing lawn  chairs....oh well, don't ask me why we didn't think about it, but even so.

Regardless after about a half hour wait and entertaining Gage by running around an empty lot, the parade began!

My attempt at a picture of us

Watching intently


The hats were given out, after I put it on my head, he said 'Gage wear it' and he didn't take it off for the next hour.

Another attempt....notice I didn't cut myself out;)

It was a slow start but Gage was definitely interested.  He got to see plenty of fire trucks, horses, cool cars, big trucks, even some tractors.  His favorite were the high school marching band and the Washington Redskins Marching Band was also a part of the parade.  According to veterans, the parade usually lasts about 2 hours, which I'm guessing we'll be able to do next year, however, this year Gage lasted about 2 hours total.  So we left about a half hour before the parade ended and didn't get to see "Santey Claus".  However, Gage just saw him last night and we'll go again in the coming weeks so it wasn't a big deal.  Gage did get to see Frosty and a few 'reindeer' so he was satisfied. 

We went to Noodles and Co. for lunch because we didn't know what to feed him at home....(oh no, more fast food) and he passed out on the way home.  I'm sorry I didn't get a picture.  I was pretty bad about that today.

By 1pm we were home and Gage was alseep.  I spent the next 2 hours making a grocery list and going to the grocery store.  One of my least favorite chores EVER.

And yes, I only have a family of 3.
I put the groceries away and it was already 330pm.  Gage woke from his nap just in time to see him for another few minutes before I had to leave for my work Christmas dinner.  Gage was pretty sleepy and we cuddled a bit when he got up (something we rarely get to do anymore.) 

After he got more awake, he and Daddy ventured off to Walmart while I headed out to Carrabbas for a nice dinner with co-workers.  I LOVE Carrabbas and it was nice to just chill out with a nice dinner and drink and chat with good company. 

I enjoyed myself so much I didn't even think about taking pictures of my food or dessert.  Oh well...that's what eating out is about. 

It's 8pm and I got home just in time for the Va Tech/Clemson game....yay!  Just kidding, I could care less but now I'm listening to my husband talk to himself, yell at the TV and pace around the room.  I would take a picture but my camera just died since I put batteries in it 2 days ago.  I guess that's where documenting your every move for a week will really get you.  Only another week 'til I get this baby anyway!

I'll spend the next hour or two checking out and finalizing our Christmas cards.  Since most of you won't get one, I'll give you a little preview.  I'll shower and head to bed early tonight since I'll likely be up before 6am.  Goodnight, I hope you have enjoyed my series!

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