Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Glimpse- Day 5

MOST BORING THURSDAY EVER.  I can assure you guys, I would say stop reading now, but I'll keep writing to hold up my end of the bargain.  I wake up somewhat rested this morning- Gage is sleeping through the night again since being sick.  Morning routine before Gage awakes is always the same. 

Holy crap though- today is the 1st day of December. Crazy!  My birthday is in 10 days.  I hear Gage start to talk around 530am and Luke gets him up at 545am.  Today is pajama day, so he changes  him out of one pair into another....he chose to wear his monster jammies today.

Outfit complete with his Chiquita banana sticker
Today was cold enough for footie pajamas, but then how would the kids play outside?

At 530am, I'm getting my and Gage's breakfast together again for one of my busy days.  No packing lunch today, I have half a sandwich from yesterday.  Gage has cereal and a banana for breakfast today.  Today I will teach straight through 2pm and I have another meeting, this time with Brain Injury Services at 200pm today.  I'm not sure how long it will last, but my guess is I'll be drained when it's over and just leave to pick up Gage.  Gage plays for a few this morning and gets to put the 1st ornament on the advent tree.

He didn't understand the concept of just one
Gage doesn't have a good morning, he is whining over everything, doesn't want to put his shoes on, doesn't want to put his coat on, etc.  He gets to choose a stuffed animal to take with him to school today and he keeps changing his mind.  He eventually picks Elmo.  He runs from me and wants me to chase him as we're trying to get out of the house.  I can't seem to get my crap together this morning and it takes us 10 mins. to leave.

I have to run back in to get the charger for my phone.

We definitely get to school late today and other kids are already done with their breakfast.  Some parents brought their kids in footie pajamas and the teachers are annoyed.  Gage sits down to eat his cereal and banana and is happy.  I leave daycare late, but somehow get to work on time.  There has been so much less traffic this week for some reason. 

700-830am- I try to get some last minute planning done but don't seem to be successful.  I make copies for my team teacher and discuss a student with my department chair.  It's freezing in our building and I wear my scarf for an hour.  I then put my jacket on with my scarf, because we are about to have a fire drill.  I catch formerly mentioned student before fire drill and read her the riot act.

840-10am- More proofs and practice with congruent triangles.  Zero happens that is of note.  It's not as cold upstairs.

10-1030am- Scarf down half of sandwich from yesterday.  Put hoodie and scarf back on because it's FREEZING in my office.

1040-1220pm- I review with my guys for their Geometry test.  They complete a writing prompt based on this picture.

1230-200pm- More geometry practice....more proofs.  More preparing for one of the hardest Geometry tests we give all year.  I leave class for a minute to take incomplete quizzes and a failure notice to a kid.

2-3pm- Meeting with Brain Injury Services on one of my students.  Kind of interesting, kind of a reality check. 

It's 3pm and I'm leaving my meeting now to go pick up Gage.  I'll only get to spend 2 hours with him tonight because I have my fabulous textbook adoption meeting tonight.  Are you reminding me not to do this again?  I go pick up Gage and of course he hasn't eaten lunch again and he has snot coming out of his nose.  We see Sawyer's Mom on the way out and plan to have a playdate next Tuesday.  We get home around 415pm- I think the earliest all week.  Gage asks to watch Yo Gabba Gabba!  I let him because we haven't watched TV since Sunday.

While he watches TV I get things together for my textbook meeting and change clothes- to my comfy after school outfit.

After TV Gage and I get to play a little bit.  He wants to color.  I love the Color Wonder markers.

At 525pm, Luke walks in the door and I walk out.  These nights suck, I barely get to see my kid or my husband.  I pick up a committee member who lives in my 'hood.  For the next 3 hours, our group hashes out which book we want to put up for recommendation to the school board.  We listen to publishers present their books and try to convince us to choose theirs.  The committee has been interesting and insightful; however, I still won't miss it and won't do it again.

At 830pm I walk in the door and eat cold tacos and yogurt.  I read email and a few blogs and shower.  I'm tired tonight and want to go to bed early, although it's already 10pm.  At least the Eagles are losing and it's Friday tomorrow.  AND I told you this was the most boring day EVER.

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