Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Glimpse- Day 4

And it's Wednesday already!  No Wordless Wednesday here, but instead Day 4 of my Glimpse series.  5am- alarm, get dressed, do hair, makeup. You guys know the deal.

Today I hear Gage up at 515am calling for Daddy.  We ignore him for a few minutes.  He then calls for me.  I go in and found out he woke because he pooped.  After being changed he asks for 'grasshoppers on' and Nuk and Lovie and says he 'wants to go night-night'.  It's only 10 mins 'til we have to get him up anyway so I leave the  projector on and the door open.  He says 'turn out light, Mommy' and 'close door Mommy, I go night night'.  Of course that doesn't last too long.  Luke gets him up while I get breakfast together for Gage and I, pour him a cup of milk. Also I remember to grab a snack for him today since he has his 2 year appointment and will miss snack at school.

He comes down and is grumpy again because he woke up early.  He asks to watch 'Grandiddy's clock' (yes, we watch clocks on You Tube) and he is happy for a few minutes.

He always wants more and we have to have a limit.  He gets to watch a few this morning so I can cut his nails. He then finds the clock I just bought at Target and proceeds to move the kitchen chairs so he can stare at it.

We play for a few minutes as usual and we're on our way.  Have to get ready a few minutes early today so we can get his hat and coat on.

618am, we  leave the house to attempt to get to daycare and school on time. We're doing pretty good this week at staying on schedule.  And today is an 'easy' day at school.  I drop Gage off, talk to his old teachers for a minute.  He wants to sit by himself again today, he is happily eating his pancakes.  Since I'm not in a particular rush today getting to school to get my planning done, I treat myself to Starbucks.  However, I have the same reaction that I do every time I go (about 3 times a month).....'holy crap, $5 for coffee'!

I still get to school by 7am and am settled ready to do some work.  I get a few things done that are overdue, but slack off a little and chit chat about non school related items.

830-1000- my most unfavorite class.  Today is typical and the kids who don't like to work don't work.  We are doing a fun lab today, but they are still unmotivated.  It takes a lot of explaining but once we get in to it most understand- those that care anyway.

1000-1220pm- my glorious planning period with no meetings today.  I have to review an IEP though and it takes me much of the 2 hours.  The teacher that I'm fixing the IEP for goes to buy me lunch though, so I can't complain.  No school lunch today.  It's Subway for me, baby!

1230-200pm- Uneventful class, sorry guys, I got nothing today! It's a slow Wednesday around these parts.
However, I do schedule the behavior meeting I've been trying to set up and write a kid up for skipping.

2-230pm- Last  minute changes to the IEP that I've found, attempt to check in with AP about our meeting Tues.  No luck, lots of people in his office.

230pm- leave school to get Gage for appointment.  I'm hoping there aren't shots today, but I can't remember. And by golly, do I have 548 questions for the doctor. I swear I feel like having a 2 year old is so different than a baby. It's a whole new set of rules.

250pm- get to daycare to get Gage and have to hurry to change him and get his coat on.  The teachers remind me of PJ day tomorrow and report that he ate lunch.  He wants me to read him a book but we don't have time.  I promise him one at the dr's office.

316pm- We arrive with only a few minutes to spare.  I forget my list at home even after printing it out at work for a 2nd time.  I try to make one while we wait.  Gage loves to play with the Legos at the office anyway and we only wait a few minutes.

The nurse takes him back to measure and weigh him.  He is 33 ins. as we suspected, but weighs less than we thought.  The last time they weighed him at the office he had all his clothes on.  He only weighs 22lbs, 13oz.  (3rd %ile).  He reads books while the doctor and I chat and is overall pretty good.  I have tons of questions for the doctor and take up way too much of her time.  I think she was done talking to me after a few minutes.  Learned a few interesting things.  Psychologists say you shouldn't take a Nuk from a 2 year old and wait until he's closer to 3.  Too much going on at this stage in life.  We had planned to do it before now, but he'd been sick so we put it off.  Sounded like she was suggesting to wait some more time before we make our move.  She wasn't happy about the way we've been feeding our child and wants him to eat what we do and not to fix him something different. Easier said than done since we don't eat dinner at a decent hour.  She says it's not about eating with us but just eating what we do and not offering him other things.  I find it hard to believe that kids never get 'special' meals just for them, but we will at least try to hold off on doing it every night now that we know.  Other than that it seems he's pretty much where he should be AND we don't go back until 3!  That's crazy, what will I do without the dr's. advice??  He then had one shot and didn't even cry!  He flinched, we sang B-I-N-G-O and that was that!  Gage picked out a Nemo sticker and we were on our way.

Pre-shot, reading books

Post-shot, OUCH!
5pm- Home late again today!  Grr.....I read my email while Gage plays and we wait for Daddy to get home with the taco kit for dinner. 

Daddy's home by 540pm with a few groceries, but.....wait for it.....NO TACO KIT.  He forgot!  What??  It's 545pm and no dinner for Gage.  Daddy makes him a grilled cheese, he eats that, grapes, a pouch and chocolate pudding.  Pretty good for eating lunch today too!  We got another package tonight- new clothes for Gage for Christmas.  Children's Place always has decent deals online on Black Friday.
Gage has a few minutes to play before bath since it's already later than usual.  We pick out the holiday/winter book he gets to bring to school tomorrow and we read a few books before bath.  Gage takes a bath and plays with his letters.  He recently has come to love laying on his stomach in the bath, tonight he gulps up water and is hacking for a few minutes.  No longer than it took him to stop coughing, he lays down again....and does the.exact.same.thing.

We dry off and he asks me to sing "Rudolph" and the "Snowman" song.  I got him a new CD of kid Christmas songs last week.

Those and 'Jingle Bells' are his favorite.  I still don't know all the words to Frosty although I've heard it a dozen times this last week.  We read 'The Foot Book' before bed and Daddy takes him up to brush his teeth and get tucked in.

Without a taco kit, who knows what's for dinner.  I still have to plan and finish reviewing this stupid textbook.  I hope to have time to review my new blog design as well.  The designer got back to me Monday and I've hardly had time to look at it to give her feedback.  I spend another 45 mins. reviewing the textbook that I already know we're not picking because it sucks.  Luke has made himself a PB&J and I've given up on the possibility of having a real dinner this week.  I eat some chicken nuggets from the freezer and some applesauce.  I spend another 45 mins. planning for class tomorrow.  I forgot to bring my papers home to grade- oh joy, that's what I'll be doing 1st period tomorrow.

Luke decides to make brownies- yummy!  Haven't had them in a while.  I try to check out my new blog design and make a few tweaks; however, apparently after you view it once (I looked very quickly last night) you can't view it again without another invitation!  What??  I'm not one who would view it once anyway....grrr...maybe tomorrow.  Yummmm.....I smell brownies!

I shower, read some blogs and am about ready to turn in.  But I must end my day with a brownie and ice cream!  Goodnight!  Also, don't forget to enter my giveaway!

Now, I must leave you with a funny picture I snapped today to show you guys how I roll!
ha!  and YES this was BEFORE I picked up Gage!

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