Saturday, November 26, 2011

A first...

While we were visiting my parents, we also discovered that Gage had not ever engaged in something that most kids his age probably have.  Or rather most kids his age that live in 'tree-ful' neighborhoods.  One of my favorite things about the neighborhood that I grew up in when I was a kid was the size of our lots and the amount of trees we had.  If you ask my husband, I still to this day have an affection for houses that have big lots and tons of trees, they just feel homey to me.  I suppose it's what I grew up knowing.  In any case, my sweet little Gage didn't know what he was missing.  He had never before November 12th, played in a pile of leaves!  What a great childhood memory and something all kids shoud get to do!  He thought it was the cat's meow!  I took so many pictures because it was so much fun to watch him play and do something new.  I also wanted to make sure I got some cool 'action' shots.  Enjoy!

Throwing leaves is AWESOME

My favorite action shot

Not sure why he felt the need to eat the leaves

Loving every minute

Trying to make a new pile

Leaf Angel

So cute, if not for the zipper pull!

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