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Happy 2nd Birthday, Gage Paxton!

Dearest Gage,

I will try not to state the obvious…time flies. My sweet baby boy is no longer that! You are a full on toddler now and are becoming quite the little man. Your language and vocabulary has exploded in the last 2 months. You were already ahead of the game to an extent, but now you are speaking in full sentences and we can actually hold a conversation. I’m not sure there’s anything you can’t repeat and you understand 100% of what we say. You say things like, ‘I forgot’ and ‘right dare’, that crack us up. You sing like nobody’s business and you know probably 12-15 songs from beginning to end. You speak in 5-10 word sentences almost constantly. You have acquired a small stutter that we will discuss with the doctor in a few weeks.

You recently moved up to the ‘big boy’ room at daycare, which I’m still a little nervous about. You seem to be adjusting ok though and like your teachers so far. You are the 2nd youngest kid in your class, yet you are still the biggest talker, of course. You will really miss Ms. Crystal and Ms. Yvette though…they were so good to you.

Your absolute favorite things these days are any kind of music, playing with your choo-choo trains and reading books. You love to play with Sawyer and the girls next door, Alyssa and Jessica. Every day on the way home from school, you talk about your choo-choo trains constantly. You amuse yourself by reading books (you know almost all of their titles), drumming with your drumsticks and playing blocks and cars with Mommy and Daddy. You are smitten with clocks….not quite sure why, though you love “Granddiddy’s clock” and have been mesmerized with it since last Christmas. You constantly ask to see “Granddiddy’s clock” on the computer “one more time” and to watch videos of yourself. Your favorite TV show is still Yo Gabba Gabba and not much else (aside from Mickey Mouse) can hold your attention for more than a few minutes. I guess I can’t complain about that though, I don’t want to rot your brain too much with nonsense.

Another recent part of your 2nd year was your trip to Texas last month to be in Aunt Annie’s wedding. You were quite handsome and walked all the way down the aisle by yourself.

You have become quite the 2 year old lately, whining and fake crying if you don’t get your way. A couple of mornings this week you have thrown quite some fits and Mommy just walks away and lets you have your space. You also are quite the master manipulator when it comes to getting up in the middle of the night and trying to get Mommy and Daddy to do favors for you. “Fishies on, soothy bear off, water, please, etc.” You are still a little peanut and wear mostly 18 month clothes. Some of your pants that we bought you for this Fall are still too big and you’re currently rotating about 4 pairs. You weigh in at a little over 24lbs and are 33ins tall. You don’t have your 2 year appt. until a few weeks from now so I’m awaiting all the advice they’ll give us for potty training and dealing with a 2 year old. You still like to eat NO VEGETABLES WHATSOEVER. The only way we can get you to eat them is through baby food pouches (gross!). They offer them to you every single day at school, but nothing…. Your favorites are of course, grilled cheese, PB&J, grapes and oranges. You have branched out a little and eat some chicken at school and hamburger. I know it shouldn’t be a fight, but sometimes it’s so frustrating that you don’t eat a variety. That’s about all for the milestones.

Now I’ll move on to bragging about my sweet baby boy. You are so so smart, Gage. I know that’s all what Mommies say, but your memory is outstanding. You will hear a book or song once and can finish it the next time you hear it. You make connections very easily, the other day I said we needed to go to the book store and you said ‘I buy Yo Gabba Gabba book’ before we even went inside. (We haven’t been to the bookstore in ages.) You do love the library and aside from Mommy forgetting to take your books back, we try to go there often as well. You know all of your letters, numbers and colors and are working on counting to 20. You amaze me every day with new phrases and your adaptability. Daddy and I will continue to thank God for bringing you in our lives. And although you’re 2 years old now, you’ll always be Mommy’s baby. I am sure like always I have left something out, but it will have to do for now. Your next letter will come in May when you’re a big 2 and a half year old! I love you my sweets….to the moon and back.

Some favorite phrases at this age—“I like it”….which really means I don’t like it, ”’Scuse me”, “toots, PU”, “that clock plays music, right?” (every clock we see, “oh no, what happened?”

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