Sunday, November 13, 2011

What We've Been Up To...

I'm a horrible, horrible blogger that's for sure.  I'm like a broken record now, I seem to say this every week.  I haven't posted since last weekend, but I have a teensy bit of an excuse this time.  See, this past week, my brother from California came into town.....however, it was a surprise for my parents, so of course, I couldn't blog about it.  So the last week around here was busy, busy. 

Last Monday, we had a play date with pictures, of course!  Why in heaven would I ever take pictures of Gage and Sawyer since that's my goal EVERY time we get together?

Tuesday after work, I went to pick my brother up from the Metro and we got to spend all week together.  It was really nice for Gage to get to spend some time with his Uncle B and us to spend some quality time together when there's not 28 other people there like at holidays, etc.  For months, Brian and I tried to figure out what to plan for my parent's 40th anniversary and we finally figured out that what they would like most is for all  of us to be together.  Since Brian lives in CA, this rarely happens and most often happens during Holidays when we get together with extended family as well.

Because I had off work on Friday, we all piled in the Pilot and headed down Thursday afternoon to attempt to surprise my parents for their 40th!  I think we succeeded, I don't think they had any idea!  We dropped my brother off down the street and so he didn't even come in with us, if they had suspected anything, they would've been disappointed.  A few minutes later, he rang the bell and walked on in!  I think they were very surprised!  The biggest surprise though was probably the super nice dinner that we had planned for them as well.  My dear husband, Luke stayed home with Gage so the 4 of us could have a nice dinner out without worrying about a toddler.  It was sooooo nice!  The food was delicious and since my brother knew the head chef, we got hooked up with extra samplers and appetizers.  I took no pictures because, one, I didn't think about it and two, I think that's kinda weird, but trust me when I say everything was very nice!  We even got them a nice cake brought in from a bakery  (I don't know how people who blog about dinners get by with that, maybe Iphones?)  Anyway, it was really one of the best dinners I've had in a  long time.

In any case, in addition to surprising my parents and having a nice dinner out, we celebrated Gage's 2nd birthday  this weekend!  Can you believe it?  Tomorrow, my sweet little baby will be 2!  OMG!  That's an entirely different post in itself.  But in any case, Nana got him a Mickey Mouse cake and along with my brother, my Auntie and cousin Lee came over to celebrate, too.  We were so lucky to be able to all be together for Gage's birthday.  Next week, Nana and Grandiddy can't make it to Gage's birthday party:(

Uncle B and Gage playing the 'pee-no'
The cake Nana had made for Gage (after it was cut)

Enjoying the cake

Gage opening Auntie's present

Gage checking out one of his gifts

Yay! for puzzles

Taking a break from opening presents to pick lint from his toes!  (no joke)

Gage and cousin, Lee

Gage's new jammies from Nana

Gage and his Uncle B

My sweet boy!

We did a few other fun things this weekend that I'll save for another post.  Until then, let me off the hook a little, it's hard to blog about something that is a secret, plus having quality time with my brother who I only get to see once a year is too good to pass up.


Jennifer said...

Happy birthday Gage! Two is so fun, its totally worth the terrible!

Kerri said...

Sounds like you guys have been busy but have been having lots of fun too. So nice how you surprised your parents!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GAGE!!!!! Wow, I can't believe our little men are 2!!!!

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