Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Glimpse- Day 1

Now since all of you know what a fabulous blogger I have been lately, I should be crazy to even try this.  But, alas... Back in August, one of my favorite bloggers Living Like the Kings did a Glimpse series that did a play by play of her days for 7 days straight.  I thought it was pretty cool and by gosh, my life is so cool (hah, sarcasm there!) that I thought I would try it too.  In any case, I really really hope not to disappoint and to be able to keep up.  It's a busy week, so again, I'm CRAZY, but nevertheless, here is Day 1.

This morning was my turn to get up (Luke and I trade off on the weekends getting up w/ Gage.)  After 2 years it hasn't gotten any easier and we definitely aren't 'those' people who say that they're so used to getting up at 5am during the week that they do the same on weekends.  At any rate, lately Gage has been dying to get up at 530am; however, we usually give him books to read, bring him in our bed, etc. until 6am.  We are trying to teach him that you can't get out of  bed until 6am.  (I know what you're thinking....good luck).  He lasted until 550am today so lucky for him he only had to entertain himself for a few minutes before I was up and at 'em.

As I do every morning I get up with him, Gage and I go downstairs and I make him a bottle of milk to hold him over until breakfast.  (As I just wrote this, I thought, OMG, do most people do this with a 2 year old?)  Anyway, Gage usually doesn't eat breakfast until 645am or 715am (weekends) so in my mind it makes sense.  We mostly sit around and play in the morning, while I try not to fall asleep and Gage almost always asks to watch Yo Gabba Gabba.

This morning it was Mickey Mouse he requested and then proceeded to have a meltdown because Mickey Mouse doesn't come on until 7am and it was only 647am.  This morning we're out of coffee (oh, what fun) so I fix green tea instead.

 I eat Boo Berry cereal while Gage plays.  Then I realize that last night I couldn't find the tie that I wanted Gage to wear today for his pictures and that somehow I'll have to search the house for it while entertaining a 2 year old.  This is where Mickey comes into play.  By 7am, Gage is watching Mickey and I'm searching his room for the tie....lucky for me I didn't look real well last night and it only took me minutes.

Watching MM's Clubhouse
On typical Sunday mornings we hang out and play, read books, etc. until Daddy gets out of bed around 8am.  However, today because we have Gage's 2 year old pictures at 915am so by 745am I'm trying to rouse Luke to get up and get ready so we can get there on time.

745am, I get Luke out of bed and leave Gage to hang out in his while I get ready.  He plays with his Tag books and listens to music.  In the 15 mins. that it takes for Luke to get in and out of the shower and me to get ready, Gage has undressed himself.....the 1st time he's ever done this (aside from 15 mins. ago while waiting for Mickey Mouse).

There's a 1st for everything!
Luke takes Gage downstairs while I finish getting ready and by 830am we are ready to roll, snacks and change of clothes in hand.  We head off for pictures- a place that has come highly recommended and pray that because we're there so early we won't have to wait.

905am we arrive at said portrait place that apparently opens at 9am and we have a 910am appointment.  Funny enough there are already several families there as well as families looking at pictures they have already taken.  I get worried that this will turn out like every other portrait session, but luckily Gage amuses himself for a few minutes playing with Legos while we wait.  Fast forward 30 mins. and they really got the best pictures that we've ever gotten in a place like that.  However, the one thing that really gets to me and the reason they do it I'm sure, is that you HAVE to order the pictures right then and there while your child has a meltdown b/c they are sick of sitting around AND so you say, sure, give me whatever you want.  Gage had his meltdown right on cue so we ordered only a few pictures (that's all we wanted anyway) and paid more than we wanted.  Ah well....there's his 2 year old pictures.  I have to say they really did a good job, what do you think?

This is my favorite!

My big boy!

This is 'the  look'.

What a handsome boy!

They proceeded to tell us it would be another half hour for the pictures to be printed, so we took Gage outside to play and run around.  We checked out a 'car show' in the parking lot and were done in a half hour and headed home. Gage fussed the whole way home and proceeded to act like a 2 year old.  I figured he wouldn't eat when he got home, but instead would take a nap.....he surprised me and ate a damn good lunch. 

Naptime for Gage means getting things done for Mommy.  This is always such a struggle for me- I have anywhere from 90-120 mins. of time that I need to get things done around the house, but I also need to have a few mins. to sit down and do what I want to do.  Today I try to get a combo of both in.  I do some laundry, pick up a little, blog a little and since I have a lazy 2 year old ;) I write Gage's Thank You notes for him.  Not even 2 hours later, he's up and we're off again.

I had forgotten we made plans this afternoon.  One of our friends who now lives in Australia is in town visiting and they're having a cook out for him.  He's just announced he's having a baby and you can't complain about the weather.  Upper 60's the last weekend of November.  For 2 hours, Gage played in the dirt and leaves and admired the cats, chickens and horses.  I ate one hot dog, but other than that chased him around.  We got no family pictures as I had hoped.

My kid looks so small next to this horse

Gage and Mommy on the farm

530pm we're home and I'm already thinking about getting things together for tomorrow.  Supposed to be another beautiful day.  For now, I'll catch the 2nd half of the 'Skins game.  As I watch the game, Gage puts on his normal routine for Daddy and refuses to eat what we've made him.  Gage wins and Daddy makes him  a peanut butter and jelly. This is what dinner looks like.

Luke gives Gage a bath while I lay on the floor and pretend to watch the Skins game and really fall asleep for 10 mins.  Gage and I read books for 20 mins. and it's off to bed for him.  I am so tired and need some caffeine but I have a lot to do before tomorrow.  I fold clothes and put another load on.  I sit down, grab a Dr. Pepper and catch the end of the game.

720pm- 45 mins. after Gage was put to bed, he's still talking to himself.  I've checked on him twice and he's just lying there talking.  But the Redskins have won!  Hallelujah!

730am- My baby has just stopped's gonna be a long Monday.  We have no food in the house so I'll eat a meatball sub from Tony's Pizza and veg out.  So much to do for the week, but I think I'll settle for a shower, more football and a book.  Day 1 done!

Good night!


Kerri said...

Oh my, the undressing phase is fun, isn't it? Camden entered it about a month ago. Now, he'll take off his pants AND his diaper which is really fun if he's pooped.

Man, Gage is an early riser! But, I guess it's that way because of what time you guys get up for work during the week, huh? Camden's earliest wake time lately has been 7:30, but we don't put him to bed until 8:30ish so I guess that makes sense. Looks like Gage goes to bed much earlier.

Thanks for letting us be stalkers & know the play by play of your day!

OutnumberedMama said...

Thanks for stopping by the Pink Dandy Chatter Sunday Blog Hop I am returning your follow and looking forward to reading your posts!

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